Our Team
Our Team

Meet the Team

The staff at Osky Blue numbers in the dozens. We have project managers, graphic designers, programmers, SEO writers, video producers, and e-commerce specialists to name a few. If there is something you would like done online, we probably have someone, or several people on staff who can do it.

Here is our senior staff, and the ones you will most likely meet.

Jon Kendall, Founder and CEO at Osky BlueJON KENDALL
Founder and CEO
Anna Hawkins, CFO and COO at Osky BlueANNIE HAWKINS
Director of Business Development
Lauretta Shokler, Director of Digital Marketing at Osky BlueLAURETTA SHOKLER
Director of Digital Marketing
Steven Mayo, Director of Project Management at Osky BlueSTEVEN MAYO
Director of Project Management
Kim Langston, Director of Website Support at Osky BlueKIM LANGSTON
Director of Website Support
Veronica Felts, Director of Website Design and Development at Osky BlueVERONICA FELTS
Director of Website Design and Development