Jon Kendall
Jon Kendall

Meet Jon

Jon Kendall, CEO, is a longtime marketing and business development professional with a passion for helping business owners large and small grow their bottom lines and make smarter, forward-focused decisions about how to take their companies to the next level. He co-founded Osky Blue in 2010 in East Texas, finding immediate success, before uprooting and bringing his vision to the booming North Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX.

In Frisco, Jon continued growing Osky Blue into the five-star, boutique agency it is today. All the while, he developed a reputation among business owners throughout the Frisco and Dallas communities as an energetic speaker and advocate for local businesses. He has taught more than 300 seminars, classes and training sessions throughout DFW and the nation on business development and effective online marketing through web design, social media, advertising and SEO. He serves on the Planning & Zoning committee for the city of Frisco. He is also an instructor at Collin College where he teaches online marketing and businesses development classes.

Jon was named Finalist for “2016 Frisco Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. He is also an active Rotarian in his Rotary Club. In his free time, he loves golfing, watching college football and spending time with his wife, three kids and dog, Bernie.


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