Case Study: McKinney Law Firm Sees Web Traffic & Conversion Soar

Case Study: McKinney Law Firm Sees Web Traffic & Conversion Soar

By | Published April 25, 2017

Strategic SEO & Facebook Ads by Osky Blue Lead to Double Digit Jumps

Project Goals

The client, Saunders, Walsh & Beard, a local law firm, came to Osky Blue with the goal of increasing the traffic to their site as well as the conversion rate of clients contacting them about their legal services from their site.

Our Solution

To help this client, Osky Blue completed a number of SEO related projects, including a site technical audit, on-page optimizations, URL and internal link clean-up, the implementation of schema markup as well as local efforts for relevant directories and optimization of a Google Business Listing.  Two months after the completion of the SEO work, Osky Blue also designed, setup and started managing Facebook Ads for the client.

Example Facebook ad for Saunders, Walsh & Beard



The SEO efforts resulted in both an immediate and long-term growth in the organic traffic coming to the client’s website.


Analytics graph showing organic traffic increase after SEO implementation by Osky Blue


The client’s website also doubled the number of contact form submissions it received in the eight months following the SEO work.

The Facebook ads were setup to promote general awareness of the firm as well as advertise 2 key legal services the client offers. Since they launched, the ads have increased the overall traffic to the website by almost 66% and doubled the conversion rate for contact us form submissions.


Analytics graph showing improved paid search sessions over time


“I just wanted to share a report I pulled from Google today regarding our website traffic. I have been seeing this trend for roughly three months (since we significantly upped our marketing expenditures and changed SEO firms), but thought I would share it with each of you. It’s staggering. … We have seen a roughly four-fold increase in ‘users’ and ‘sessions,’ with a 40% increase in pages/per season and a ‘bounce rate’ that has decreased from 68% to 4.3%. In short, something is working.” ~ Carly McCall, Paralegal, Office Manager


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