Audits & Consulting
Audits & Consulting

Your Digital Marketing Consultant

For online marketing to be effective, it must be a process that is integrated and working in concert. The strategy for your website’s design and functionality, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, reputation management, and even paid advertising must be designed to achieve your goals. As noted by Wendy Piersall, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

Website and Digital Performance Audits

Osky Blue believes the best digital marketing strategy is one that is tailored to each client and market. One of the first steps in the process often involves an audit. Osky Blue provides 2 levels of audits including a basic website audit and an in-depth digital performance audit.

  • Basic Website Audit
    With the basic website audit, clients receive an in-depth, honest and action-focused report and consultation discussing our existing website and online presence. Audits are conducted by digital marketing and SEO experts and include a review of the technical setup of the site, on-page SEO optimization, competitor placement, site speed, usability analysis, and backlink authority comparison.
  • Digital Performance Audit
    The digital performance audit provides an in-depth review of your website’s SEO strategy, from the front-end SEO implementation to the background “nuts and bolts” that can make all the difference in your organic search performance. The audit process includes an in-depth report, 1-hour consultation and the development of a 12-month digital marketing strategy. This review provides valuable insight into the state of your site’s optimization as it is currently as well as what you can do to take it to the next level.
“Search engine optimization does not specialize in tasks that will make pigs soar high up in the sky. Its real task is to dig deeper into the genetics of a website and re-engineer the essential elements until it transforms into an eagle.”
– Bruce Clay, Founder Bruce Clay, Inc.

Consultation & Digital Marketing Plans

After a thorough audit, the next step involves an in-depth consultation to discuss your goals, past marketing efforts, and future plans. As a business operator, you don’t have time to be an expert on everything, so Osky Blue offers marketing, SEO or design consultations with experts who will analyze your web assets, review your current marketing strategy and generate new ideas. Areas of expertise include technical SEO, content marketing, keywords concepts & on-page optimization, local SEO, image & video optimization, international SEO and user experience to boost engagement metrics which are now part of many search engine algorithms.

For full-service clients, Osky Blue builds 6-month and 1-year digital marketing plans that outline timelines, campaigns and executable tactics for each online marketing channel.