A Goal-Oriented Web Design Company

Osky Blue has built hundreds of websites across a vast array of industries, but every project has started with the same philosophy: we build purposeful websites. We believe that effective web design starts well before the first rough draft. It starts when we sit with you to talk about your business – your customers, your needs – and then we set goals and design a website to reach them.

It’s our personalized approach that makes us a web design company with a difference. Here’s a peek into Our Process:

1. Learn

Every website project at Osky Blue begins with an in-depth discovery meeting between you and the Osky team. To strategize your website, we want to know everything we can about your business – Who are your customers? What isn’t working? What are your pain points? What are your goals? – so that we can devise a strategic approach to your web design. We’ll discuss what information to include, what functionality you need, how it should look, and why. It all starts with learning about you, then bringing our expertise to help meet your marketing goals.

2. Design

Once we set a goal, design begins. Our in-house designers create a visual mockup of your site design showcasing page layout, colors, logo placement, site navigation, and site features. This is a collaborative process. We work with you through feedback and design tweaks until all are agreed we have it just right. All the while, we’ll make our case for why our design will increase conversion, serve site visitors and send more users down the funnel toward your goal.

3. Build

With a final design, content, and imagery, your web build begins. This is where some of the least visible but most important work is done: building a website on clean, stable code that will support growth, reinforce search engine optimization and ensure the security of your website and information. On the front end, you’ll see a beautiful website, but know that the optimizations our crack development team makes behind the scenes can make all the difference in your site performance.

4. Launch

After a rigorous internal QA, we deliver a fully functional beta site to you for pre-launch review. This is your chance to put it through its paces: check all the pages, test the features, view our responsive design on multiple devices. We want you to be 100% happy and confident in your website. And when you are, we launch!

5. Grow

For truly goal-oriented companies, a website is just the beginning. Osky Blue is here to be your marketing wing, offering full-service Digital Marketing solutions to help you maximize the impact of your powerful new asset. At this point, we understand your needs inside and out, and we’re ready to join you in reaching your goals even faster with the right approach to strategically marketing your business.