Bold New Site Created for NexGen Fitness by Web Designers at Osky Blue

Bold New Site Created for NexGen Fitness by Web Designers at Osky Blue

By | Published April 6, 2017

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NexGen Fitness came to Osky Blue’s web designers in search of a brand new site that accurately reflected the personality of their brand, while also providing customers with easy-to-use interfaces and features. They hoped to improve their web traffic and supply visitors to the site with ample information regarding their one-of-a-kind fitness and training programs.

About NexGen Fitness  

NexGen Fitness offers expert personal training programs unlike any other. No cookie cutter, universal training programs here. Their specialized programs are customized to meet the personal needs of each of their individual clients. Their expert trainers have extensive experience in helping clients reach their fitness goals. They offer personalized weight training, cardio and nutrition programs for each of their clients. These programs are specifically designed to help clients meet their individual goals while taking into account any limitations due to personal health circumstances. The personalized training programs at NexGen Fitness start with comprehensive assessments to determine fitness benchmarks. Client progress is then tracked every eight weeks to evaluate improvement and achievement levels.

Project Goals 

NexGen Fitness needed a site that could support the seven additional subdomains for their franchise locations. Visually, the client was looking for design elements that portrayed the powerful, spirited personality of their brand. The customizability of NexGen Fitness’ training programs sets them apart from other fitness centers in the area. Therefore, it was critical to the client that the navigation and verbiage on the website reflected this unique aspect of their business.

Our Solution 

Recognizing the commitment of NexGen Fitness to personalized programs, the expert web designers at Osky Blue built them a brand new website that reflects their training philosophy. Along with the bold text, fierce imagery and ease of navigation, the NexGen Fitness site emphatically communicates its message to potential clients that they are the program to use if you’re looking for a custom regimen that will help you reach your fitness goals.

The Osky Blue web designers understand the huge impact of website navigation and the labels and structures created to easily move through a site. They developed descriptive navigation features that utilize key phrases. For NexGen Fitness, they built the main navigation page as the place to tell potential clients as well as search engines about the personalized training services offered. The site was setup as a WordPress multi-site to manage both NexGen’s main domain and 7 subdomain sites: one for each NexGen franchise location. The blog feature was also streamlined and the internal link structure revamped to create a better user experience and improve search engine crawlability.

Responsive web design is paramount to any successful website. This enormous trend in web design is a crucial element of mobile device navigation. Osky Blue effectively created a design for NexGen Fitness that enables potential clients to quickly and easily engage with the site regardless of the device they are using.


Following their new site launch, NexGen Fitness witnessed a dramatic increase in site traffic. In the four months following the launch, their overall site traffic increased by 186%, with a 79% increase in organic traffic.


Finally, the new website’s bounce rate improved over 92%, producing nearly 300 potential client leads.

The owners were awestruck by the traffic increases and overall success of the new site. Initially, NexGen Fitness had been considering a Google Adwords Advertising campaign through Osky Blue, but seeing the impressive results of the new website’s traffic led them to change their minds:

“We have been monitoring our site visits and the performance of the site since launching and we feel like we don’t necessarily need to move forward with the Google Adwords campaign. Initially, our thought process was that this would help ensure that we would not drop in rankings and SEO’s, but true to Jon’s words we didn’t experience a real drop off if any at all.”  ~ Bryan Whatley

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