Business Marketing Tool – Thumbtack

Business Marketing Tool – Thumbtack

By | Published January 9, 2015

I was in a meeting with a client earlier this week and they told me about a service they use a lot: I had never heard of this, so I check it out and was pleasantly surprised. I love new things like this.

thumbtackHow it works:
– Potential clients go here and submit requests for jobs in categories (for free)
– We get notified of people near us that are looking for services that we define.
– We can then send them a proposal for credits (cost between $5-$15 to submit proposal).

A new notes from what I have learned so far.
– Sometimes you get the phone number right after submitting a quote and you can call them… that’s awesome.
– It looks like only up to 5 proposals can be sent for items, so your chances of at least having them look at you seriously are very good.

Anyway, it looks like a great source to get some new leads, as long as your lead to conversion ration is big enough.

They only do service industries, but if that is you it deserves a check. Here is a link to our profile on Thumbtack that we started building.

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