Mill Creek Ranch Gets New Look from Frisco Website Developers

Mill Creek Ranch Gets New Look from Frisco Website Developers

By | Published September 28, 2016

Website Developers McKinney TXOsky Blue continues to lead the pack among website developers. In McKinney, TX, digital business won’t stop heating up, and web savvy designers everywhere are learning how to maximize sales for businesses. Both eCommerce sites and traditional brick and mortar storefronts have learned that you can’t succeed without a strong web presence!

From solid local and organic SEO to online user experience, web developers are getting more and more sophisticated. Osky Blue’s latest adventure was a beautiful resort called Mill Creek Ranch Resort — here’s some information about the business.

Mill Creek Ranch Gets a New Website

Mill Creek Ranch Resort rests less than an hour away from Dallas, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at it. The rustic cabins, rolling hills, and peaceful environment have a way of taking your mind far, far away.

We’re getting envious thinking about it.

While the resort looks rustic, the first-class amenities aren’t even close. There’s a sparkling pool, modern dining, and a whole lot more. Visitors can rent a cabin or hook up an RV, and the Canton Monday Trade Days flea market is a short drive away.

On the business end, Mill Creek Ranch Resort markets to group retreats, conferences, and individuals who would like to own a cottage. That leaves us with one question…

How would website developers in McKinney, TX fit all of that into a concise online presentation?

We Started With an SEO Mindset

Our first priority for Mill Creek Resort Ranch was to knock local SEO out of the ballpark. People looking for a retreat, conference, or weekend getaway location in the greater DFW area were the “low hanging fruit” in this situation, so we constructed the website in a way that would promote Mill Creek Resort to internet users looking for something in the Dallas area.

Beyond local SEO, we implemented best practices throughout the entire sitemap–we wanted to leave Mill Creek’s website with a strong organic SEO presence

How Can a Website Developer in McKinney, TX Encourage Conversion?

While ranking on Google is great and all, the whole point of SEO is to increase conversions. In this case, conversions would be rentals, sales, and group bookings.

We featured the phone number in a prominent position, but instead of leaving a set of static numbers, we created a dynamic click-to-call button. Most internet conversion occurs on mobile devices anyways–when a website visitor clicks on the phone number on Mill Creek’s website, their mobile phone begins calling right away.

It’s a simple way to expedite the sales funnel and increase easily traceable conversions.

Do you have questions about website development in McKinney, TX? Give Osky Blue a call at (866) 675-9411.

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