Online Marketing in McKinney TX: How to Attract More Blog Visitors

Online Marketing in McKinney TX: How to Attract More Blog Visitors

By | Published October 19, 2015

Online Marketing McKinney TXOnline marketing in McKinney TX is constantly changing. Although the basics, including engaging content, social media sharing, responding to comments, remain at the core of a finely-honed marketing plan, here are other ways you can attract more visitors and potential customers to your website.

Learn How To Make Your Blog More Appealing to Readers

Attracting readers to your business blog may seem like a hard sell when you post your first entry. As you continue posting and build up a body of content, your blog (and your site in general) will show up more often in search engines and on social media. To boost your ranking and site visits, construct a business blog plan. Consider brainstorming ideas for posts so you’ll have a backlog of titles to choose from and avoid writing quick filler posts just to have new content. Do research to determine what your customers are interested in and write articles about those subjects. When writing headlines, appeal to the reader’s curiosity, sense of humor or pose a question. List and Top 10 articles are popular, such as “Top 5 Blogging Tips”, but don’t overuse this tactic; varying blog titles will keep readers interested. Blog length can run anywhere from 300 to 2,000 words, depending on your target market and subject.

Write Guest Blogs for Better Online Marketing McKinney TX

Contact trade organizations and other businesses related to your field and pitch guest blogs. Include a link to your website in the bio, and you’ll get plenty of traffic from curious readers. Guest blogging will increase your visibility on the internet and in your field. You should also consider writing articles on LinkedIn to increase views to your company profile. This attracts potential customers, and maybe even a few potential employees.

Share Blog Posts on Several Social Media Platforms

Most businesses rely on Facebook and Twitter to reach readers, but other platforms offer opportunities for online marketing in McKinney TX. Pinterest and Instagram are the most popular new sites for photos and visual contact, but you can add a link to your blog along with a thumbnail of one of the accompanying pictures. If you blog about issues of concern to small business owners, share your blog on BizSugar. Reddit has sub-forums for a huge number of subjects, so share targeted content and links in the appropriate forum. Reddit gets lots of traffic, so a quality, targeted post will bring in many new visitors to your blog.

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