Online Marketing McKinney TX: 3 Low-Cost Ways To Market Your Business

Online Marketing McKinney TX: 3 Low-Cost Ways To Market Your Business

By | Published May 30, 2015

Online Marketing McKinney TXIf you are a small business owner with or without an internet presence for your business, you need online marketing in McKinney TX to grow your business and to increase its visibility with the buying public.  Just like with traditional marketing – newspaper ads, billboards, mailers – online marketing is a critical part of your business strategy.  Even if you don’t have a website for your company, you can’t ignore the fact that the majority of people today looking for products or services go online first to find what they want.

The problem is that successful online marketing in McKinney TX can cost money and, as a small business owner, you may not have a lot of room in your budget for something you may not feel is a priority.  Fortunately, there are ways to take advantage of free or low-cost marketing strategies that can help to get your business noticed online and they all involve inbound marketing.  Inbound marketing is simply a marketing technique that lets customers find you rather than you reaching out to find them.

Inbound marketing has become one of the most effective ways for companies to attract attention because of the rise of search engines, like Google, that have changed the way we find what we’re looking for.  And companies who make it easier for us to find them are generally more successful than those who don’t make the effort.  There are three easy, low-cost ways to use inbound marketing to raise your business’s profile and to generate leads:

1.   Blog.  Adding a blog to your website not only creates the fresh content that search engines love, it also creates a connection with your customers.  Whether you write your blog entries yourself or you hire skilled, freelance writers to do the job for you, you’ll be showing your site’s visitors that you want to entertain and inform them so that they’ll return to, not only read your blogs, but buy your products or services.

2.   Use Social Media.  Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr aren’t just for people who want to connect with other people; they’re also for business owners who want to connect with customers.  And the best part is that they’re free.  Creating a profile for your business on any of these sites means you have access to the millions of people who use them every day and creating interesting content on them can lead to ‘likes’ that will increase exponentially.

3.   Increase Your Website’s Traffic.  The best low-cost way to increase traffic to your website is through organic traffic.  Organic traffic is traffic driven to your website that is based on search results customers get when they put specific keywords into a search engine.  And the best way to get this kind of traffic is with search engine optimization which means adding keywords, multi-media and fresh content to your site.

If your budget allows it, there are paid strategies for online marketing in McKinney TX that will help your business; but if your budget is tight, then know that it is possible to increase sales and to expand your business without spending a lot of money.  If you need online marketing help, call us at Osky Blue at (866) 675-9411.  You can also visit us online to learn more at

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