Online Marketing McKinney TX: How Great Mobile Content Helps Business

Online Marketing McKinney TX: How Great Mobile Content Helps Business

By | Published February 16, 2015

Online Marketing McKinney TXOnline marketing in McKinney TX is an inescapable part of any North Texas company’s business model.  Newspaper ads and the yellow pages are for our parents’ and grandparents’ generation.   Shopping on our phones?  Not something even our parents could have thought would ever be possible; but more and more people are doing just that.  Which makes mobile marketing the biggest and most important trend in online marketing in McKinney TX for 2015 and beyond.

Just as with other types of online marketing, fresh, engaging content in mobile marketing is king.  Good content can make the difference between you and your competitors.  So how do you go about optimizing your content for mobile devices?

✓  Start by thinking mobile first.   In the past, companies produced websites aimed at standard computer screens and then they scaled them down for mobile devices.  The new approach is to begin by designing your content to be looked at on mobile devices first.

✓  Think about adding depth to your content.   Blog articles that were once extremely short are now becoming longer because Google’s search algorithms give preference to quality content and length often equals more detail and greater quality.  If you can make your content exciting or at least interesting, mobile users will forget that they’re reading on their phones.  But remember that people have short attention spans so give them the option of both long and short articles.

✓  Find out what your target audience is looking at on your website.   Which topics or areas on your website are they accessing?  Are they looking at photos or videos?   How much time overall are they spending on your website?  The more you know, the more you’ll be able to produce content that your customers will see.

✓  Focus on headlines and lead-ins.   Content headlines are your first opportunity to grab your customers’ attention.  Make your headlines answer the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question your readers will be asking when they see your content.  The same goes for your first paragraph.  It has to be interesting enough that your customers will want to read more.

✓  Add interesting visual content to your mobile site.   Use video and images to add interest and break up text; but watch video lengths.  If they’re too long, your customers will lose interest.  Take advantage of services that offer short-form video sharing that you can embed in your website.

✓  If you have excess content –   content that’s important but not necessary for the front page of your site – defer it to another screen.  Let your audience choose what it wants to click on and see.

Online marketing in McKinney TX that considers mobile devices first will be the key to business success in the coming years.  More and more people are opting to use their phones and tablets to browse and even purchase online.  To find out more, call us at Osky Blue at (866) 675-9411.  We can help you to design a website and an online marketing strategy that includes developing content for your mobile site.  Visit us at to schedule an appointment.

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