Osky Blue Web Design Adds American Municipal Services to Its Portfolio

Osky Blue Web Design Adds American Municipal Services to Its Portfolio

By | Published August 10, 2016

Web Design Frisco TXAs a small business, Osky Blue web design in Frisco, TX, understands what it takes to keep a company going. One of the biggest aspects of becoming successful is gaining clients, and ultimately receiving payments from those clients. When clients refuse to compensate you for your services, not only have you essentially worked for free, but you also have to spend more time and money attempting to collect the absent money yourself. Fortunately, however, small businesses have a better option, and that is hiring a company like American Municipal Services to do that job for you.

Osky Blue Welcomes American Municipal Services

Osky Blue is proud to add American Municipal Services to its client portfolio. This accomplished company provides customized account resolution services that combine the highest possible rate of return with exceptional customer service. In the industry for over 20 years, American Municipal Services is well respected among its peers and provides first-contact resolutions for its clients and their offenders/debtors, as well as having a customer service call center.

Having American Municipal Services on your side means that small business owners can concentrate on running their companies, instead of attempting to collect debts from uncooperative clients. One unique aspect of American Municipal Services is that it knows that some accounts are resolved with non-cash methods, such as time served, community service, and court appearances. This company works to resolve all outstanding balances but doesn’t charge its clients for accounts that are solved through non-cash methods.

Osky Blue Designs Website and Provides Web Support

When American Municipal Services was looking for a team to provide it with a user-friendly, attractive, and engaging website, it looked to Osky Blue for help. After meeting and consulting with American Municipal Services to understand its needs, Osky Blue was able to create a site that draws in clients and allows them to easily find what they are looking for.

Because potential clients are typically turned off by boring, difficult to navigate sites, Osky Blue incorporated high-quality and attractive images into the site. We also provided an easy-to-use toolbar that allows clients to find what they need, fast. Some of the other features the American Municipal Services site has include:

  • Contact Forms
  • Custom CMS (Content Management System)
  • Google Analytics and Visitor Data to Identify User Demographics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive Web Design Compatible With Mobile Phones and Tablets


Can Osky Blue Help Your Small Business?

If you’re looking to take your website–and company—to the next level, Osky Blue would like to help you get there. Visit the American Municipal Services website at http://amsltd.us/ to check out our work on its website, and find out more about how we can help you by calling Osky Blue at 866-675-9411 for a consultation.

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