Osky Blue Web Design Adds Capstone Worldwide as a Client

Osky Blue Web Design Adds Capstone Worldwide as a Client

By | Published July 7, 2016

Web DesignWhen IT consulting firm Capstone Worldwide sought the help of a web design team, it came to the professionals at Osky Blue. As a small business, this up-and-coming company recognized its need for a strong online presence and understood that in order to achieve the type of success wanted, its website would require certain features to attract audiences. Capstone Worldwide is also aware that successful marketing is key when it comes to getting a brand out there, and Osky Blue is proud to help this outstanding company attempt to reach its goals.

Osky Blue Web Design Team Adds Capstone Worldwide to Its Portfolio

IT consulting is one of the most sought after services in today’s marketplace. After all, a majority of business is conducted online and many clients look to the web to find what they need. For this reason, businesses seek the help of IT professionals who can help them achieve their goals and Capstone Worldwide is one of the best in the game.

Capstone Worldwide offers contracting and staffing solutions, premium project management, and CRM customization services. This innovative consulting firm also provides customers with CIO/board services in addition to technology and IT solutions. What sets Capstone apart from other IT consulting firms is that it allows businesses to partner, manage, and own their project delivery processes and provides its clients with highly-efficient and reliable pools of project management and technical resources.

How Osky Blue Has Helped

The Osky Blue web design team was thrilled when Capstone Worldwide signed up for our help. By working together, we were able to create a website that has the features Capstone wants and those it needs to attract clients and gain high search engine rankings. For example, the Capstone Worldwide website contains high-quality images on its easy-to-navigate pages. Additionally, the site features:

  • SEO-rich text that helps search engine rankings
  • An informative and highly-functional navigational bar
  • Inviting, clickable images

In addition, Osky Blue added a user-friendly contact form so that potential clients are able to reach Capstone with their inquiries, as well as informative tabs that answer potential clients’ questions and showcase the company’s achievements.

Allow Osky Blue to Help You

If you’re looking to give your small business the exposure it needs in order to make your company a success, we hope you’ll turn to the web design team of Osky Blue. We feel our experience and expertise can help you achieve the success your company needs and deserves.

Visit capstoneww.com to learn more about Capstone Worldwide, and call Osky Blue at 866-675-9411 to inquire about how we can help your company’s online presence.

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