PPC Ad Management Frisco TX:  Top Tips from our PPC Expert

PPC Ad Management Frisco TX: Top Tips from our PPC Expert

By | Published September 9, 2015

PPC Frisco TX | Osky BlueBest practices — by definition — are a set of highly recommended tips and tricks born of repeated and ongoing expertise in a specific subject matter. As professionals, we rely on these tried and tested procedures every day because we assume them to be correct and effective.

Top Tips from our Frisco TX PPC Ad Management Expert:

The following best practices are not ranked in any order. This is a list of tips that frequently appear on best practice lists published on the Web and shared at industry conferences.

  1. Avoid Broad Match: Search marketers generally try to use as little broad match as possible in order to gain the most control of their accounts.
  2. Test. Analyze. Optimize. Repeat.: This is a best practice at the very heart of search marketing (and many other digital marketing disciplines). Because of the rapid-response nature of paid search, it is an ideal advertising channel to continuously try out new things, examine the results, and then build upon what is and isn’t working.
  3. Don’t Use Google Solely: Let me say this emphatically: You must unequivocally be on all three engines at this point if you are serious about your paid search efforts. However, for the 99 percent of AdWords customers who are not the giant spenders — those whose budgets are sub-$1,000/month — it certainly makes sense to focus on Google for your SEM efforts.
  4. Utilize Negatives: Managing negative keywords effectively is an extremely strong technique to help control when the engines submit you for auctions, as well as which campaigns and ad groups are submitted for specific use keyword queries. They’re one of the main levers search marketers use to pare back keyword groups in order make them more streamlined.
  5. Use Different Creative for Mobile and Desktop Ads: Mobile, once a traffic outlier in single-digit percentage of clicks, has now become the dominant sub-channel for paid search for most advertisers. As mobile grew in importance and volume, many best practices for mobile search were written, the main one being that search marketers should utilize different ad copy for mobile and desktop ads.

Stay tuned for more PPC tips in the future.  We also offer classes for online marketing in our Meetup Group, Osky University.  Our next online marketing class on September 24th covers Google Analytics and related topics.  Don’t miss out!  Come get the inside scoop on internet marketing strategies and how to boost your business in search engine rankings.

If you would like more information on our PPC ad management service, please give us a call at 866-675-9411 and ask for Jason.

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