SEO in Frisco TX: How Does Bounce Rate Affect It?

SEO Frisco TXIn a previous article, we (Osky Blue) defined Bounce Rate as an SEO Frisco TX term used to represent the percentage of users leaving a website after only viewing the first page and it is determined most often through Google Analytics. That is the basic definition, but there is much more to interpreting a bounce rate percentage and what it means for your marketing strategy.

A general rule of thumb among SEO Frisco TX and elsewhere, is that 50% is average and the lower, the better.  But that is not always an accurate picture for many reasons.  For one, the type of business you are running can be a determining factor.  Blogs usually show a higher bounce rate averaging around 70%. Often the content users are looking for in a blog don’t require further browsing of the site, but the reader may still be bookmarking your site or perhaps clicking on an ad banner or pay per click ad. E-commerce websites often come in at 20%-30% because users are likely “shopping around” within the site.  The goal of your business may not be having your customers wander around several web pages, but you may in fact want them to act after only viewing the first page.  Perhaps you want them to call or email for further information or to obtain a bid for services.  Depending on what type of business you run, will determine whether a high percentage is a good thing or a bad thing.

Another reason a bounce rate percentage could be misleading is that just because a user leaves your site after the first page, doesn’t mean they won’t return.  The bounce rate merely calculates the total number of users divided by the total number of entries to that page but does not specifically remembers which users have already been there.  So if someone clicks on your page, leaves it to search around, then returns to investigate further, he will show up as two different users and his initial visit will have added to the bounce rate.

So how do bounce rates affect SEO Frisco TX for your small businesses?  Search engine algorithms are so complex, that only their engineers really know what goes into them.  What we do know is that bounce rate is likely a factor, but is by no means the only factor.  Quality of content, speed, backlinks, shares as well as number of users and how much time spent on a site all factor into how well your site does in the rankings. There are even violations (certain SEO cheats)  that if used can have a negative effect on your standings.

So you may ask “how is knowing my bounce rate percentage helpful”?  Knowing your site’s bounce rate can help you fine tune your website and streamline the marketing strategy of your business.  If your site is performing poorly, hire a great SEO firm like Osky Blue in Frisco TX to take a look at what may be amiss. They will be helpful in diagnosing problems in your website or your online marketing tactics.  Call us today at 866-675-9411 or visit us online at to learn more.

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