Web Design Company Frisco TX: Be More Than A “Wishful Blogger”

Web Design Company Frisco TX: Be More Than A “Wishful Blogger”

By | Published January 10, 2016

Web Design Company Frisco TX“Wishful Blogging:” everyone working for a web design company Frisco TX has encountered this problem at one time or another. Somewhere down the line, most small business owners have picked up on the fact that blogs are supposed to help SEO.

They probably heard it from a friend, read a book by Joe Pulizzi, or, well, read a blog. It happens all the time, and the next steps go something like this:

  1. Put out an ad for a blogger on Craigslist.
  2. Hire the guy that offers to write “SEO Blogs” for $20 apiece.
  3. Post these blogs on your website.
  4. Expect SEO magic and a barrage of fresh website visitors.
  5. Give up in dismay after it fails to make your site the #1 trafficked site online.

This is where the aforementioned employees at a web design company Frisco TX begin to cringe–who are you putting your blogs in front of? Who’s going to read them?

We’re happy you asked.

Many business owners think that simply writing some blogs with a few keywords will change their lives and get more traffic to site, but that falls under the “wishful blogging” category we mentioned earlier. They’re leaving something out. They’re forgetting to distribute.

What do we mean by “distributing” a blog? Isn’t that what the internet is for? Think about it—if you had something important to say, you wouldn’t just go outside and start shouting to the wind (sounds a lot like the internet, right?). You would probably figure out who needed your information. Once you knew that, you would think about where they were, and take your important info to them.

Now you’re thinking like a member of a web design company Frisco TX.

You’re one-time “wishful blogging” strategy has a real set of steps, and it goes like this:


Pick forums your customers frequent, websites they comment on, social media, and develop a community on sites like Reddit. You need to go to where the people are. You should also look around for blogs and websites with a similar focus, and reach out to the editor about guest-blogging. That’s a whole subject for another day, but it’s a great way to get fresh visits to your website!


You should use keyword research to figure out what people are talking about, and that kind of digging will help you figure out what topics your customers are interested in. It can also help you find holes in forum subject matter; what new content could you add to the discussion?


It’s time to craft great posts based on that research (and optimize it accordingly). You can be skilled at networking and getting involved in online communities, but unless you can actually put together a blog, whitepaper, or graphic that people want to read, you won’t see any improvement.


Now you’re the proud owner of some beautiful content. You did your homework, and you know that this blog is something that people need to read. So act like it. Spread it around on every relevant resource you can think of without being annoying. You should even share each piece multiple times on social media—up to 3 times the first day (especially on Twitter). Don’t be afraid to use your email list, either; share your content via email with your current customers and people who have subscribed.

Of course, relying on a web design company Frisco TX is the best way to increase your site traffic, and it saves you TONS of time and effort. They also know what they’re doing, so you save a bundle of time on the learning curve. Call Osky Blue for SEO and blogging help at (866) 675-9411.

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