Web Design Frisco TX: Osky Blue Welcomes Tour de Profit

Web Design Frisco TX: Osky Blue Welcomes Tour de Profit

By | Published April 28, 2016

Web Design Frisco TXWhen business consultant Tour de Profit was looking for help with its website development, it called on the help of  the web design Frisco TX team at Osky Blue. We are proud to help this innovative company achieve its goals, and are delighted to add the site to our portfolio.

Web Design Frisco TX: Team Osky Blue Presents Tour de Profit

Frisco-based business consulting firm Tour de Profit aims to help business owners solve their most difficult business challenges and turn their companies into powerful, profit-generating machines. Led by author and business coach Rich Allen, Tour de Profit compares the operation of running a business to a bicycle. Each component of the bicycle represents an important component of a business.

For instance, riders steer their bikes with the handlebars, and business owners can steer their companies with a vision of the future by providing strong leadership to their teams. Additionally, the seat of a bike must be positioned well for the rider. In business, this represents the techniques and direction you must use in order to motivate your team to pedal hard.

Through one-on-one consulting, Tour de Profit wants to help businesses to grow by teaching their owners to become familiar with how each component works, how each component relates to the others, and how to “tune up” so that they can ride very fast.

A Smart Web Design Can Do Wonders

Osky Blue knows what it takes to create a website that is attractive, appealing, engaging, and easy-to-navigate. We incorporate effective features on the site that are pleasing to the eye but get the job done. For example, we know that using high-quality videos is one of the best ways to give information that won’t bore the potential client the way that big blocks of text can. Therefore, we placed a variety of videos throughout the entire site that present the objectives of the company and entice visitors to learn more.

The Osky Blue web design Frisco TX team also included a navigational bar, attention-grabbing images, audio, interactive graphics, and a contact form to set Tour de Profit’s site apart from others in the same industry.

By working closely with Tour de Profit, Osky Blue was able to design and maintain a site that is unique, and serves a great purpose.

Will Your Business Be Our Next Success?

The Osky Blue web design Frisco TX team prides itself on helping clients create the websites they’ve always envisioned they would have. Allow us to do the same for you by calling us at or visiting us at www.oskyblue.com.

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