Web Design In McKinney, TX:  Leave Your Web Design To The Experts

Web Design In McKinney, TX: Leave Your Web Design To The Experts

By | Published November 10, 2014

Web Design McKinney TXIf you own a business and you want to have an internet presence that will drive customers to your business, you may have had the crazy idea to design your own website. You probably spent a few hours in the “For Dummies” section of your local bookstore reading about how easy web design in McKinney, TX is. So, why not give it a shot? Because it’s a lot harder than the self-help books would lead you to believe, that’s why. After all, the instructional books you found were on the same shelf as the ones urging you to teach yourself beekeeping, skydiving and acupuncture – also a lot harder than they look.

The only way to design a website for your business that you can be proud of and one that your customers and potential customers will want to visit again and again is to hire a professional company that specializes in web design in McKinney, TX. A web design team can work with you to make your website look good and be user-friendly for your visitors. Professionals know that choosing colors and fonts and photos is important but they also know that your website should include:

▸ SEO-friendly features and functionality. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to ensure that your website ranks high on the search results page when your customers look for your type of products or services on search engines like Google or Bing.

▸ Forms and layouts that are focused on calls-to-action. Calls-to-action are lines of text or images that prompt your customers to, literally, take action. Examples include buttons or links for subscribing to emails, printing coupons or making appointments.

▸ Integration with social media. Your website has to be linked to social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook to raise the profile of your business by allowing your customers to share your website and products with fellow social media users.

▸ Compatibility with mobile devices. With so many customers using their phones and tablets to search for what they want, your website has to be available on these devices.

▸ A built-in blog. A constantly-changing blog, written either by you or professional bloggers, will add fresh content that search engines look for when ranking results for their users. It also creates something new and different for your visitors each time they go to your website.

▸ A content management system. This system allows you to make changes to your own website without having to go through a third party every time.

▸ Website analytics. Analytics are tools that can keep track of web traffic and help you to determine the effectiveness of your website.


Don’t go it alone. If you want a web design in McKinney, TX that is professional and effective, call the experts at Osky Blue at 866-675-9411. At Osky Blue, we know that a beautiful website is only half the story; you need an effective, user-friendly site that will keep established customers interested in what you have to offer and that will attract new customers. Visit us at https://oskyblue.com to see a portfolio of our satisfied customers and to learn more about web design.

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