Web Designers McKinney TX Welcome Lanco Contacts to Osky Blue

Web Designers McKinney TX Welcome Lanco Contacts to Osky Blue

By | Published March 14, 2016

Web Designers McKinney TXAs one of the best web designers McKinney TX, Osky Blue is dedicated to helping small businesses and start-ups achieve their goals by providing support and design. We are excited to announce that our team recently began working with Lanco Contacts.

Osky Blue Web Designers McKinney TX Introduces Lanco Contacts

With over 20 years of experience manufacturing for the industry, Lanco Contacts provides premium-quality electrical contacts and coils that are made in the USA. Offering a variety of brands, including Siemens, Furnas, General Electric, Westinghouse, Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer and Square-D, Lanco Contacts prides itself on its large inventory, customer satisfaction, and expertise in the industry.

Lanco Contacts also provides rebuilds, making old and obsolete kits look and perform like new. In addition to saving the customer money, rebuilding also helps the environment. Best of all, most rebuilds are complete in 24 hours.

Developing a Web Presence for a New Client

Osky Blue website designers McKinney TX know that developing relationships with its clients is the most effective method in creating what they want and need for their companies. Through interviews and evaluations, Osky Blue was able to determine what type of website and marketing Lanco Contacts needed in order to achieve optimal success.

For Lanco Contacts, it’s essential to reach out to contractors, manufacturing businesses, and other similar customers who require coils, contact kits, and heater elements; that’s why Osky Blue designed a website that would appeal to the needs of that specific client base. We integrated effective features that attract the right audience, including:

  • High-quality images that display the merchandise
  • Easy to navigate drop-down bars and pages
  • A helpful online chat feature to ensure customers receive exactly what they need
  • An online catalog
  • Contact forms

Additionally, Osky Blue provided custom CMS (content management system) services, search engine optimization, Google analytics and visitor data to identify user demographics, and web design that is compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

A key component to building a brand and increasing online presence is through social media. More and more customers look to sites like Facebook and Twitter when searching for companies that can provide what they need, and Osky Blue helps our clients manage these accounts while promoting the business.

Osky Blue Can Help You Achieve Your Business Dreams

To learn more about Lanco Contacts and to check out the site, visit http://lancocontacts.com/. If you’re not sure where to start building your business website, or if you know exactly what you want for your business and just need assistance getting there, Osky Blue can help! Call 866-675-9411 for a consultation.

Osky Blue | Web Designers McKinney TX | (866) 675-9411

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