Website Design Frisco TX: Consider What You Don’t Want In Your Website Design

website design frisco txYou know a good website design Frisco TX when you see one.  Sometimes you might not be able to put your finger on the exact reason that you like it; you just know it’s fun to look at or easy to navigate or updated regularly with new content.  When it’s time to design your own website for yourself or your business, you should remember that you’re going to want people to like your site and come back to it time and again – for whatever reason.  Working closely with your web designer is important when it comes to deciding on what you want.  But once you’ve chosen what you want, you might want to remember what you don’t want in your website design Frisco TX.

▪  Haven’t we all looked at a website, ready to read a story or learn about a product or service only to groan when we see a video pop up on the screen instead of text.  Then we wait and wait and wait for the video to load.  When it does, we have to pause and go back to get the parts we missed the first time.  A little video and audio content on your website goes a long way but too much will not only make it take longer for your website to load, it will also make many visitors click away.  Too much multimedia content can be a bad thing.

▪  Unless they’re absolutely necessary, PDF files shouldn’t be included in your website design.  PDF files can take a long time to download and will only work if your site visitors have the right reader to look at them.  If your website contains technical content, then PDFs are unavoidable.  Otherwise, try to limit their use.

▪  Avoid stubbornly clinging to your own design ideas.  When you work with a professional website design Frisco TX company, they will tell you when your own ideas will work and when they won’t.  Be flexible with color, font and layout choices.  Remember those website you liked but weren’t really sure why?  They were probably all designed in consultation with a professional design company.

▪  Designing your website is only the beginning.  Don’t let it stagnate.  Update your content so that visitors will want to return to see what’s new.  In addition, search engines need fresh content that they can index otherwise your site will be pushed down on the list of search results.

At Osky Blue, we know website design and we can consult with you to make your website everything you want it to be.  Visit us at to see a portfolio of our work and to learn more about how we design websites.  When you’re done, call us at 866-675-9411 to schedule an appointment for a website design consultation.

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