Website Developers in Frisco, TX Create New Site for Home Matrix DFW

Website Developers in Frisco, TX Create New Site for Home Matrix DFW

By | Published September 8, 2016

Website Developers Frisco TXAs web developers in Frisco TX, we find ways to impact local businesses’ bottom lines with attractive, SEO-friendly websites. How do we do it? While we are industry leaders in following search engine best practices, the most important thing we can do for clients is to give their customers an enjoyable and helpful user experience online. We turned Home Matrix’s website into a “poster child” for user-friendliness, right down to the photos we selected and the placement of calls-to-action.

A Little bit about Home Matrix

Home Matrix offers a unique skillset. The company combines the market knowledge of a realtor with the building expertise of a contractor—all with the goal of representing the home buyer. In other words, a home builder has his own best interests in mind, and a realtor may not know a well-built new home when he sees one; Home Matrix tries to find the middle ground.

With so many homes being built in the DFW area, Home Matrix needed web developers to help them in their mission to broker deals between home builders and consumers.

Here’s How We Helped

As we mentioned before, it all comes down to user experience for web designers. Frisco, TX is a competitive home market, so how could Osky Blue make Home Matrix stand apart?

We started off with stunning photography of neighborhoods and houses. After all, realtors always talk about the importance of “curb appeal!” Home Matrix serves several cities in the DFW area, and we included original images for each one.

Video may very well be the new face of marketing, so we included that too. We thought customers would enjoy getting to know Home Matrix before engaging; we feature a personal chat from a real team member on the home page.

Osky Blue also created a website template that allows a user to experience almost all of Home Matrix’s content in a continuous scroll—this is no bland, one dimensional homepage. Additionally, we placed two highly desirable buttons (“The Process,” and “Free Move-In”) exactly where a customer would look for them.

Do you need the best website developers in Frisco, TX to help you improve your website? We can boost your SEO, increase conversions, and give you more overall credibility. Give us a call at (866) 675-9411 if you’d like to learn more. Don’t worry–you’ll have plenty of say as to what goes on your site!

Even if you do most of your business from a brick and mortar location, you can’t afford to neglect web presence!

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