3 Tools SEO Dallas Companies Use to Increase Visitors to Your Website

3 Tools SEO Dallas Companies Use to Increase Visitors to Your Website

By | Published October 26, 2013

Your business success hinges on your website and social media pages. With hundreds or even thousands of competitors online vying for the same customers, how can you stand out from the crowd? Since your time is spent running your business, you probably don’t have time to supervise your own website and social media. If you are looking for a reputable SEO Dallas company to handle your website, blog and SEO, but don’t know much about what a successful SEO program entails, here are three of the many tools a company can use to achieve successful SEO Dallas.

1- Post original, informative content on regular basis
While it’s tempting to post news recycled from other sites just to fill up pages, in the long run it’s worthwhile to invest in original, well-researched articles and blog posts. Providing useful information will keep visitors coming back to your site and make them more likely to buy your product or service. Professional content shows that you respect your customers and prospects. In return, they’ll trust you.
Use a mix of informational articles, short, conversational blog posts, video, audio interviews and slideshows to tell customers about your product. It’s not necessary to use all of these content types on regular basis – just find what works for your business and focus on that. Most experts suggest updating a business blog at least once per week. Encourage comments on blog posts to keep customers engaged.

2- Use testimonials and reviews
Reviews are excellent PR and they boost your search engine rank. Set up pages on Yelp, Google Local and Manta. Add full information for your business, including hours of operation, payment methods, phone numbers, email and website addresses. Visitors tend to click away from outdated listings, so keep your information current. Encourage users to submit reviews, comments and their photos of your business. Restaurant patrons, for example, can upload photos of their meals to share with site visitors. Respond to reviews in a timely manner, either publicly or by private message. A simple thank you will suffice for most positive reviews; take some time to craft a thoughtful response to a negative review. Add a testimonial page to your website, with the most recent reviews at the top.

3- Send a weekly or monthly email newsletter.
While an email newsletter may not seem like something related to SEO Dallas, they boost interaction that drives people to your website sale pages and social media.

Email newsletters are a great way to announce special offers, sales and contests. They keep your name fresh in customers’ minds and provide a gateway to your website and social media pages. A cleverly designed email newsletter includes simple but eye-catching graphics and clickable social media icons. After reading of your latest event or sale, customers click through to your website to learn more and make a purchase. And you can measure the effectiveness of your email newsletters. You can track how many recipients opened your newsletters and which customers clicked on a particular link.

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