Appointment Desk prepares for trade show with updated materials from Osky Blue

Appointment Desk prepares for trade show with updated materials from Osky Blue

By | Published September 1, 2017

While Osky Blue specializes in digital marketing services, we always enjoy the opportunity to create more traditional marketing materials for our clients. We originally worked with Appointment Desk, an appointment scheduling service, in 2016 to create an updated, modern website that focused on their services and attracting new customers. A primary business vertical for Appointment Desk is the medical industry, to which they provide a complete medical reception service that goes beyond answering phones and taking messages. This specialty services includes a number of additional benefits, including insurance verification, creating patient charts and providing patient instruction.

Appointment Desk recently reached out to our design team to create new materials that they could display and distribute at an upcoming medical industry trade show. Using the website that we built as a jumping off point, our design team developed a number of new materials for the show, including:

  • A banner displaying company branding and value proposition of the service for medical companies
  • A three panel tabletop display also displaying company branding, contact information and service benefits
  • A company brochure geared to the medical industry and that could be giving to attendees of the trade show

It is important for any company to have continuity between all of their business and marketing materials, and the trade show items we created display the same clean, professional and informative look and feel of their website. Visit Appointment Desk online at to learn more about the company and their specialty services.

If you are interested in creating new materials or updating any of your current marketing assets, from website to printed brochures, the design team at Osky Blue is here for you. Learn more about our suite of marketing services at or call (866) 675-9411.

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