How Newman Cost Recovery Advisors’ New Site Generated Email Marketing Leads

How Newman Cost Recovery Advisors’ New Site Generated Email Marketing Leads

By | Published September 1, 2017

Email Marketing DallasOsky Blue knows that an online presentation can make or break a business. When Marty Newman of Newman Cost Recovery Advisors wanted to increase leads for his cost segregation services offered through CORE Solutions Group, he realized the setup he had could not efficiently do the job. His current online presence was not generating enough business leads. With the support of the web design and email marketing team at Osky Blue, he now has a simple and effective site that gives prospective clients all the information they need to learn more about and engage his services.

Project Goals

Newman wanted a website that accurately portrays what services he can offer clients, and do it a way that was inviting and informative. Not only would the site need to explain the different cost recovery services, but it would need to do so in a way that optimizes the ROI of the Facebook and email advertisements that would link to the site. Because his job relies on generating leads to turn potential customers into new clients, Newman needed a website that put capturing those leads with the correct calls to action first.

Our Solution

With the build of a simple two-page site that focuses on lead capture, and a full email marketing and Facebook ad setup, the client had the infrastructure needed to start marketing to a larger audience. Visitors to the site have clear information explaining what cost segregation is and a way to submit their information for a sample cash benefit analysis. A pop-up option was also included to encourage visitors to subscribe to the Newman Cost Recovery newsletter so he can build a long-term, ongoing connections with interested parties and current clients alike. The Cost Segregation page was optimized for conversion as it will serve as the primary landing page for the Facebook ads and email marketing.


The Newman Cost Recovery Advisors site has only recently launched, but Marty is excited about the new capabilities his site has to draw in new clients and capture potential leads.

If you are interested in an effective website for your own business or you need lead generation or advertising services, rely on the team at Osky Blue. With a broad range of online marketing knowledge and experience, our site developers and email marketers can create a website that gives your company the success it deserves. Visit to see more websites Osky Blue has designed to help businesses in DFW grow.

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