Business Marketing Frisco, TX: Learn from the Best for Free

Business Marketing Frisco, TX: Learn from the Best for Free

By | Published October 1, 2015

Business Marketing Frisco TXThe expansive world of online business can be tough to navigate, and even local online business marketing in Frisco, TX is a challenge. You may have great ideas, but putting those ideas into practice on WordPress is a different issue altogether. Even if you have a website up and running, getting internet users to visit your website, get involved, and purchase merchandise takes an added level of expertise–and you can learn all of that from the premier experts in business marketing in Frisco, TX for free.

Osky Blue knows everything about boosting sales on an online platform, but sharing this knowledge with our community has proven to be far more rewarding than keeping it to ourselves. At Osky University, you can learn all of the basics of online business marketing–you’ll be implementing your new-found skills in no time.

When it comes to SEO and online media trends, last year’s practices are already old news; let us bring you up to speed on the best practices for the year 2015. Furthermore, we will fill you in on all of the nuts and bolts of SEO, including keyword-rich content, keyword research, videos, and written blogs. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish on your own–don’t resort to paying for expensive online business marketing in Frisco, TX.

If you don’t have the cash to hire a web developer to build your website, you’re not alone. Many people build their own websites, but Osky University can show you the ins and outs of WordPress and give you recommendations for the best plugins and security practices in the process. Don’t spend hours trying to figure out something that we can teach you in a couple of hours!

Osky University also offers specialized training in ecommerce, analytics, and generating local traffic. Find out what makes giant web-based companies successful, and learn how to implement those practices in your local business. You will be amazed at the people you can reach when when you understand how to market properly and analyze data.

All of these topics are covered in Osky University’s six 2-hour class sessions, all for free. If you are interested in a class, simply visit our upcoming events page or have us come visit your group. We hold each class session in an informal environment in Frisco, TX, so you can simply show up, relax, and learn about web marketing for a full 2 hours. If you have a class or group in mind that would benefit from these topics, call us at 866-675-9411 or fill out an online form.

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