Case Study: Dallas-Area House Buyers See Site Traffic and Leads Multiply with Osky Blue

Case Study: Dallas-Area House Buyers See Site Traffic and Leads Multiply with Osky Blue

By | Published July 31, 2017

Project Goals

Dallas House Buyers logo

Dallas House Buyers came to Osky Blue for help promoting their new business, which began in Fall 2016, and an accompanying website that launched in January 2017. The client’s goal was to increase both their site traffic and the number of clicks on their ads across the web.

Our Solution

Osky Blue decided to achieve these goals with a combination of marketing strategies. We implemented on-page SEO into the Dallas House Buyers website that would allow visitors to find the site more easily and improve the client’s online presence. Our team also built six new landing pages over six months to increase site traffic. Next, Osky generated a Google Business Listing to further promote the business and draw new visitors to the Dallas House Buyers website. Osky’s final task consisted of four Google Adwords campaigns, each of which were directed at a different target audience: Buyer Circumstances, General House Buying, Opendoor Competition, and Spanish.


The SEO and marketing efforts of Osky Blue resulted in a doubling of Dallas House Buyer’s organic site traffic in the first month alone. This number tripled the next month, providing the client with continually-increasing organic site traffic.

Organic Traffic

Chart of Organic Traffic growth to Dallas Buyers website





The website’s six new landing pages generated 34% of the landing page traffic, which accounted for 24% of the site’s overall traffic.

The four Google Adwords campaigns ran for a total of seven months, during which they generated upwards of 40,000 impressions and 700 clicks, creating nearly 50% of Dallas Home Buyers’ leads during that time period.

Ad Performance

Chart showing ad performance for Dallas House Buyers




For more about Dallas House Buyers, visit their website at If you interested in growing your business and reaching more customers online, let’s chat and learn together if targeted Google ads is the right solution for your business needs. Visit Osky Blue or give us a call at 866-675-9411.

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