Digital Design Company Osky Blue Creates New Website for Polara

Digital Design Company Osky Blue Creates New Website for Polara

By | Published February 25, 2017

Polara prides itself on supplying Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and improving pedestrian technology. When they wanted a website as powerful as their product, they turned to Osky Blue, leading website developers in McKinney, TX. Osky Blue was trusted to create a modern, beautiful website that potential customers could navigate easily to learn more about what Polara has to offer.

What is Polara?  Polara prides itself on producing APS and pedestrian-friendly technology. Signal creations such as the Navigator APS focus on audio, tactile, and visual techniques to effectively portray information to pedestrians in need of the signal. The company may be the most efficient pedestrian push button for sale today. Signs Polara prides itself on include navigation for crosswalks, button signals, and braille-friendly use.

What makes Polara different?  Accessible pedestrian signals are so commonplace in today’s society that many are used without thought. The ease of Polara’s products makes them an ideal supplier in the marketplace, as they mesh fluidly with their environment. Not only does Polara create the most useful signals for the masses, but they ensure that their high-quality products are built in the United States. To top it all off, recycled materials are used whenever possible, and the company strives to keep their employees in a safe work environment.

Who uses Polara?  Signs and signals are frequently seen in public places, including streets, sidewalks, and company buildings. Polara is not limited to large-scale distributors, however, and has been featured on the nationally popular show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to ease the living situation of an individual who was visually impaired. Whether working for thousands of people in a city or for a single situation within a home, Polara can fit your unique needs.

How does the website reflect Polara?  When building the website, Osky Blue’s website developers enhanced the features Polara had to offer. The home page uses bold colors, photos, and easy tabs to explore the website. The transitional photos on the website parallel the signals that their products portray. With content that is quickly accessible and aesthetically matching, clients and future customers can navigate Polara’s website efficiently and enjoyably. Visit to check out their slick new design!

If a modern and accessible website like Polara’s is something your company would prefer, be sure to call Osky Blue, your only web design company in Frisco, TX, at (866) 675-9411. Visit to peruse other websites Osky Blue has digitally designed.

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