Eczema Specialist Site Sees Traffic Engagement within First 24 Hours

Eczema Specialist Site Sees Traffic Engagement within First 24 Hours

By | Published May 3, 2017

Website Developers Frisco TXAt Osky Blue, we understand that customer engagement is critical for a website to be successful. As expert designers, we have the skill to determine what features a website needs to drive traffic and keep customers engaged. We recently launched a new website for an eczema specialist that included a communication platform and integrated patient forms, and within 24 hours of the website launch, traffic engagement was evident!

Project Goals

Eczema specialist Dr. John Van Wagoner was in need of a user-friendly website that would enable him to promote and operate his practice through which he diagnoses and treats patients who suffer from eczema. Dr. Van Wagoner also wanted to be able to reach an international client base through his online practice.

Our Solution

We consulted with Dr. Van Wagoner to determine the best patient process and user experience strategy for the new website. The new 15-page website that includes an integrated patient form and communication platform, along with a full knowledge base. On the new site at, patients are able to easily view the detailed description highlighting Dr. Wagoner’s expertise, the services he offers, the information forms that require completion, and the simple process for getting the care needed for their skin conditions. The website provides easy process for new users to access the expertise of Dr. Wagoner and get the care they need. New patients just log in and fill out an online questionnaire before submitting photos of the affected eczema areas. They then make a secure consultation fee payment, and within 72 hours, patients receive their consultation notice, which includes a professional diagnosis of the skin condition and a personalized treatment plan. Patients from anywhere in the world no longer have to suffer from severe or chronic eczema. Through his new website, he can review each case and prepare a custom treatment plan for patients.


In less than 24 hours of the new site launch, the website saw an influx of both traffic and visitor engagement.

Thanks for all of your hard work, I can’t wait to get to work. The site is great. I am very happy with your work. You should be proud. ~ Dr. Van Wagoner, MD

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