Promotional Site Created by Osky Blue Web Designers for Investment Author

Promotional Site Created by Osky Blue Web Designers for Investment Author

By | Published May 11, 2017

Web Designer Frisco TXMike Hanna, the founder of Investmark Mortgage, needed a website to help promote his newly published book. He hired Osky Blue to create a website that was as powerful and useful as his book on real estate investment strategy. The user-friendly CMS and lifetime of free hosting also made Osky Blue’s starter website service ideal for his book’s promotional site.

With enticing visuals, modern simplicity, and persuasive excerpts, Osky Blue created a simple yet engaging site introducing Hanna as an emerging non-fiction author. The website achieves the purpose of informing users about his experience in business and his new book through a number of features. To draw visitors in, Osky Blue placed Mike’s friendly face along with engaging testimonials about the book on the homepage of Users who want to read more about the book can then scroll smoothly through a refreshingly simple contact page and buy the book option using his online store. The eye-catching photos and clean color scheme lead users easily through each page which include a store, a contact section and a link to his business site.

Knowing that the website was to be both its own entity and a reference to Hanna’s larger company, Osky Blue created a site that flowed effortlessly between the two. So that no question goes unanswered when clients are curious to know more, visitors interested in pursuing real estate investment can direct themselves to Hanna’s informative investment company site using just a click of a button. To better connect the two websites and create a familiar user experience for visitors maneuvering from one site to the next, Osky Blue strategically used coordinating photos and colors to extend Mike Hanna’s brand. At the completion of the project, Osky Blue provided Hanna with a site that is simple, streamlined and informative.

To create a custom or starter website for your business, call the professionals at Osky Blue, the leading web designers in Frisco, TX at (866) 675-9411.

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