Frisco TX Website Design: Osky Blue Launches New D3 Hair Salon Website

Frisco TX Website Design: Osky Blue Launches New D3 Hair Salon Website

By | Published May 20, 2016

Frisco TX Website DesignOsky Blue has been busy with Frisco TX website design lately, and we have a beautiful new website to show for our efforts. We make it a point to provide the best service in Frisco, TX, and that means empowering other local businesses to do the same. Our latest project, a new website for D3 Salon in Little Elm, TX, gives D3 a competitive edge with chic design, cutting edge SEO techniques, and a fun-to-use interface that keeps online visitors engaged.

Frisco TX Website Design: Capturing D3’s Artistic Spirit

We love working with artists—and professional hair stylists certainly fall into that category. We met with the owners to better understand their business culture, their client base, and their goals, and then we set about creating a design that captured the spirit of D3. We started off with an open, breezy Revolution Slider design and a white background that highlighted their location and products. In our minds, a beautiful, fashion-forward website implies that a salon is capable of styling your hair beautifully as well!

Winning Over New Customers With a Great User Experience

It stands to reason that a beautiful, easy-to-use website would keep visitors on your website longer, and the longer they remain, the closer you get to making a conversion. D3’s new website was built with the user experience in mind.

To start off, our Frisco TX website design featured a home page with all of the relevant information we could include without cluttering the page. We placed the phone number prominently on top—in case a guest visited for the sole reason of making a call—and then provided a “sneak peak” into D3’s mission statement, services, and products. If any of those options catch a visitor’s fancy, she can easily follow the link for more info.

Besides an accessible and logical menu bar, we included two forms for visitors to use: a contact form and an appointment scheduling form. Users don’t even have to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment—it doesn’t get much more user-friendly than that!

Keeping Frisco TX Website Design Personal: Social Integration

Hair salons have visual products to share—great haircuts and styles—and we know the Little Elm community would love to engage with D3 and see some of the great styles coming out the store. With that in mind, we set up Instagram and Facebook pages for D3, keeping different demographics and age groups in mind. We’ve seen excellent engagement so far!

SEO and Analytics

Good website design Frisco TX creates ways for your website to be found and ways for you to track visitors. We used every on-the-page SEO strategy we knew of to create a site that would get found on search engines, and then we set up analytics to keep D3 informed as to who is visiting their website and how often .

Do you have any questions about SEO, web development, or eCommerce in Frisco TX? If so, give us a shout—we’d love to schedule a website design Frisco TX consultation with you. Call  (866) 675-9411 to learn more.

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