Frisco Web Design – Who You Are And Why the About Us Page is so Important!

Frisco Web Design – Who You Are And Why the About Us Page is so Important!

By | Published March 10, 2014

Frisco web designYour website has to make a good first impression…let’s face it, there’s a chance that all you’ll get is a moment or two of the user’s time. Potential customers want to know about the company and the people that make it go. They want to feel that they can trust you with their lawn care, house cleaning, or travel plans. So a well thought out About Us page is a must to build rapport with your potential clients. Your Frisco Web Design team can help you make your page outstanding.

So What Makes an Awesome About Us Page?

You know the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, believe it! Stunning photography will not only beautify your page, but will also bring you closer to your client. Photos of people help establish trust with the user. One feels connected to you if they can see you…or at least a photo of you. Don’t feel like this requires a stuffy picture of you with a forced grin against a white background or heaven forbid, a stock photo. Some of the greatest About Us pages shows it’s board members at work, at play, or even striking silly poses or faces. Get creative, have fun with it. It’s all about putting a name to a face so your customers can get to know you! Include photos of your building, sign, or vehicles. This can increase a sense of professionalism and credibility.

Be sure to include a watered down version of what you do on your About Us page. By that, I mean break down your services or products so that the laymen can understand it. If your content is filled with jargon that only the savvy user understands, you may be losing valuable clients. You want to engage the user in terms anyone can understand.

Make yourself and your company approachable. There are some businesses out there that require a stiff, formal approach, but for most small businesses, you want to be able to appear “real” to your target audience. Get creative with content, tell stories of how the business started or give personal information about the members such as likes and dislikes, talents or quirks. Make your customers feel they can relate to you somehow. Surely even the stiffest board member has a few flaws!

One place you don’t want to get creative, is in naming your About Us page. You want the link to your page to be easy to find on your home page. No rapport can be built, if users can’t find your page. Make sure your Frisco web design includes a easy to find About Us link on the home page!!

Effective web design is key to making your Frisco business succeed and a fantastic About Us page is a big part of that. Make sure your clients feel connected to you, your team, and your mission. Osky Blue is here to help! Call us today and ask about our brilliant Frisco web design.

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