Frisco Website Developers See Increase of Traffic on Revamped Site

Frisco Website Developers See Increase of Traffic on Revamped Site

By | Published November 29, 2017

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Frisco Website Developers Revamp a Local HVAC Company Site

Osky Blue’s website development team recently revamped the website for Matco Services. Knowing that a company’s web presence can determine the success of their business, the company wanted to increase local traffic.

Matco Service’s Goals

Even though they already had a website, Matco Services was not seeing the number of online visitors they wanted. Their site was outdated, inefficient, and ultimately decreasing their business’s value. As an HVAC company that services Frisco, Plano, and many other surrounding areas, they needed a website that better outlined their services, tracked visitors, and increased calls. The client also needed a site that could support advertising campaigns and take visitors to their social media channels.

Our Solution

After meeting for a consultation and discussing project goals, Osky Blue website developers created a website designed to improve Matco Services’ online success. With a new site layout, users can quickly learn what the company stands for, and welcoming photos were added along with a synopsis of the systems Matco can service. With menu navigation dedicated to residential and commercial services, visitors can easily target their needs. The Commercial HVAC services were especially troublesome to find on their old website, so Osky Blue made sure to categorize their products conveniently.

In addition, a contact page was added to show Matco’s address, phone number, and list of areas serviced. Each page boasts friendly visuals and inviting words. Links to their social media channels were also included in the site’s overall theme so their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages can be quickly accessed from any page on the website.

The Results

Since the new website launched, it has gotten traffic from multiple channels including search engines, paid ads, referring sites and social media. They are also getting leads through their online forms due to the efficiency of navigation online and easy-to-use forms.To see what Matco Services has to offer the HVAC system in your home or business, visit their website. To see other successful websites with similar templates that our web design company at Osky Blue has created, visit

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