Osky Blue Partners with Worldwide Specialty Chemicals on New Web Design

Osky Blue Partners with Worldwide Specialty Chemicals on New Web Design

By | Published December 20, 2017

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Osky Blue Works with Worldwide Specialty Chemicals on New Web Design

Finding a human angle when marketing products can be tough, and when those products are industrial chemicals, it’s only that much harder. Worldwide Specialty Chemicals, our latest client for web design in Frisco Texas, needed to do just that—communicate how their offerings would improve business, keep the environment safe, and improve lives.

Process Goals

To start, Osky Blue needed to highlight three areas in which products help people on an individual basis rather than just companies and industries.

First, Worldwide needed to communicate the fact that their products are environmentally friendly. They identify chemicals that cause environmental damage, market to that niche, and offer an alternative that will get the job done in an eco-friendly manner.

Next, the new website needed to show that Worldwide creates chemicals that are safer for the people handling them. From engineers to consumers, people everywhere need to know how they can benefit from this ongoing effort to make products safer.

Third, Worldwide wanted to lend the spotlight to each of their products and subsidiaries. Their goal was to create a user experience in which site visitors could find all of the information they needed about any and all of Worldwide’s products.

The final goal was to provide Worldwide, a parent company overseeing multiple brands, with an internet “home base” that eschewed the traditionally dry aesthetic of corporate websites. Shareholders and consumers alike should be able to visit a site, learn about the products, and enjoy their experience.

Our Process

Our first step was refreshing the photography, typeface, and other creative components of the website. Replacing the previous homepage with a rotating header and button link, led to an increased click-through rate. We also wanted to put information in front of visitors before they even knew what they were looking for, so we centered the website concept on the human element. For example, instead of a typical “Services” menu, we titled it “Problems We Solve.”

Furthermore, we appealed to individuals by highlighting contact information and social channels—we want consumers, as well as shareholders, to be personally involved with Worldwide’s mission.

Lastly, we didn’t shy away from the eco-friendly nature of these chemicals, and a green-centric color scheme broadcasts that fact to website visitors.

The Results

Worldwide Specialty Chemicals now has a website that accomplishes three goals:

  1. It provides a comprehensive list of the company’s services and holdings in a user-friendly format.
  2. It presents the company in a good light through modern and progressive web design.
  3. It portrays the work Worldwide does as an important solution to safety and environmental concerns.

We’re excited to share the tenets of Worldwide Specialty’s Chemical’s brand and emphasis on safety and the environment with the media, business community and the general public and to give them the opportunity for better community engagement!

If you have any questions about web design in Frisco Texas, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to meet you and get to know more about your business.

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