Web Designer Osky Blue Creates Site for Frisco City Council Candidate

Web Designer Osky Blue Creates Site for Frisco City Council Candidate

By | Published February 3, 2018

Web Designer McKinney TXAt Osky Blue, we know that an effective website is essential for increasing brand awareness and maintaining an online presence. When Frisco City Council Candidate Will Sowell came to us in need of a new site, our team of web designers knew exactly how to help Mr. Sowell reach his goals of increasing online traffic and drawing in support for his political campaign. In just a few weeks, the new site brought hundreds of new visitors and saw a significant increase in user engagement.

Project Goals

Will Sowell came to Osky Blue with an existing website, but he felt that it was stagnant and did not accurately represent his personality and political goals. He wanted a site that was modern and representative of his brand. Additionally, Mr. Sowell wanted to draw in new endorsements and donations from the Frisco community, while also providing informative content to potential constituents.

Our Solution

Osky Blue’s website design focused on using images, features and content that reflected Will Sowell’s current campaign brand and goals. We implemented a prominent “Donate” button on the navigation menu and throughout other pages on the site. The drop-down menu makes it easy for visitors to navigate the site and find exactly what they need. Our team included a blog feed on the bottom of each page to ensure that fresh and relevant content is always available to constituents and first-time visitors alike. Not only does the new site offer detailed information about Mr. Sowell’s political career, but it also provides information about the community of Frisco itself. Mr. Sowell can collect donations and endorsements efficiently through buttons on the site that link to official campaign resources, while an on-site contact page allows him to connect with supporters and other interested parties. Finally, the site’s modern design reflects an updated feel to Will’s campaign, while his signature logo helps visitors immediately recognize his distinctive brand.


Mr. Sowell was extremely satisfied with his new website, and the success of the project was measurable soon after the launch. So far, the new site has received hundreds of visitors from Facebook, Google and other sources. Mr. Sowell has also been able to connect with dozens of potential donors through the site’s easy-to-use forms and navigation.

The web design team at Osky Blue is dedicated to serving clients in Frisco, McKinney and all throughout North Texas. Whether you already have a site or not, we would love to provide you with an updated design, new features or even an entirely new website. For more information, give us a call (866) 675-9411 or contact us today.

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