The Importance of Google AdWords Management Frisco TX to a Business

The Importance of Google AdWords Management Frisco TX to a Business

By | Published June 17, 2014

Google Adwords Management Frisco TXThe first step to Google AdWords management Frisco TX is understanding just what AdWords are. Once you understand what these AdWords are, then you can begin to use these AdWords to build up your business’s internet traffic. Google AdWords are a specific method of advertising on the popular search engine, Google. When searchers type a search term into Google, the standard array of results pops up in a list. Standard Search Engine Optimization—better known as SEO—techniques are used to place a company’s name higher up on this generated list, increasing the likelihood that customers will come across the company and choose it to fulfill their needs. AdWords, however, do not adhere to the standard rules of SEO.

The purpose of SEO is to push a company’s name and search terms to the top of the list in Google. However, AdWords circumvent all that SEO. Google AdWords place the company’s ad at the top, bottom, or beside the generated list of search times. This placement separates the AdWords from the bulk of terms that appear as the result of standard searching, distinguishing them from the everyday results. The AdWords are positioned on the page based upon their relevance to the search terms that have been used. Proper Google AdWords management Frisco TX will be able to adjust the relevance of the AdWords so that they will appear more often after the use of more search terms.

These AdWords are a paid service provided by Google. Depending upon the needs of the company as determined by their Google AdWords management Frisco TX, the AdWords can be set up for different pay systems. AdWords are provided in either a pay-per-click system or a cost-per-thousand-impression system. Pay-per-click means that any time the ad is clicked by a searcher, the company will owe money to Google for the positioning of the ad. A cost-per-thousand-impression system refers to payment for the number of times that the ad is displayed, even if it is not clicked in all that time. AdWords can also be presented on a local, national, or international scale depending upon the reach of the business being advertised and the search terms being used.

Google AdWords are an incredibly effective system of internet advertising, putting a company’s name in a position of attention in the Google search results. However, it can be difficult to determine the best way to apply these AdWords to your company so that they will actually help you grow your business. OskyBlue has the experience necessary to help your company use Google AdWords to the greatest effect. Contact us at to find out more about how we can help your business grow.

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