Five Ways to Better Search Engine Results: Osky Blue Website Developers Frisco TX

Five Ways to Better Search Engine Results: Osky Blue Website Developers Frisco TX

By | Published June 16, 2014

website developers Frisco TXIf you’re looking for a way to get your business website a better search engine ranking, look no further than Osky Blue website developers Frisco TX.  We can provide you withthe perfect blend of design, content, social media and SEO.

When designing a website, professionals consider trends, demographics, and your business goals. Here are a few ways the pros at Osky Blue optimize the content on your small business website to attract more customers:

Google now places more SEO value on visitors to videos and how long they stay. Universal search results merge news, written SEO content, photos and videos into a single results page. You’ll now find video thumbnails as part of search engine results (SERPs). For some searches, videos take up as much space as organic text results.  A 2010 research study showed a video on a product page is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google results than a product page with written SEO content alone. Osky Blue’s website developers Frisco TX know how to maximize your video content for better Google ranking.

Target Audience
You need to have a clear idea of who your customers are, their needs, dislikes and budgets.  Many business owners design websites with too broad a focus, and a web designer will help you define your target audience and the content to attract them.

“Less is More” Design
A streamlined, easy to use website keeps customers interested. A cluttered design with too many menu choices, categories and sub-categories may confuse some visitors and send impatient ones to a competitor’s site.  A minimal design is best for most businesses. Our trained website developers Frisco TX will analyze your needs and recommend the best approach for your company.  Basic web design includes only the most crucial elements, drawing the eye to the content. It allows visitors to focus on what’s important instead of being overwhelmed by too many competing forces. A client and web designer often work on a wireframe, or outline, that features all the basic content for a webpage, in order of importance.

Finding the proper keywords or search terms visitors use to get to your website make the difference between a paying customer and a potential visitor who ends up on another site.

Social Media Integration
Placing social media icons in your page footers and navigation bar gives customers additional ways to keep in touch – through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest.

Osky website developers Frisco TX use the five elements above and many more to construct the most attractive and SEO-friendly website for your company. A successful website has to do more than look good – it must use the best mix of content, design and keywords to drive people to your site and keep them there.  The designers at Osky can do this and more, giving you better SERP ranking and a higher retention rate for web visitors and customers.  Call us at 866-675-9411 to learn more.

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