Increase Your Sales through Frisco TX Web Design

Increase Your Sales through Frisco TX Web Design

By | Published July 8, 2014


Frisco TX web designFrisco TX web design influences more than the look of your website. It makes the difference between a bored or frustrated prospect and a buying customer.  An experienced web designer knows how to combine simple but eye-catching graphics, easy to navigate links, text and SEO content to attract and keep customers.

Internet buyers look for fast and accessible websites. They don’t like clutter or a complicated checkout process.  If it takes a long time to find products, search for products within a website or use an e-commerce system, the customer will most likely abandon the transaction for a competitor’s website.  Keep customers on your website with professional Frisco TX web design. An experienced web designersets up ashopping cart socustomers can clearly find Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons to make purchases as easy as possible.  Additional boxes allowing people to add or subtract items speed up the buying process.

Providing product information is essential, but it’s important to keep descriptions brief to keep customers interested. If they want to read more about a product or product type, it can be placed on a separate page that won’t interfere with the buying process.

Frisco TX web design will lay out and code pages to prevent technical errors. Even an occasional technical glitch can turn customers away from your site. Online errors give buyers the impression that your company – or at least the e-commerce portion of it- is unprofessional. Worse yet, some customers may interpret shopping cart errors as a careless (or deliberate) way to charge them for items they didn’t order or tried to delete from your shopping cart.

The web designers here at Osky Blue Frisco TX web design test all the pages on your website before they go live to make sure there are no broken links, inaccurate product descriptions or slow-loading pages. We’ll ensure video and text content is SEO-friendly, gaining you a higher spot on Google search. No matter how attractive or functional your site is, that won’t do you much good if no one can find it. Our pro web designers in Frisco TX will check every detail on your site, including images, video sound and product labeling to guarantee the most appealing browsing and shopping experience for customers.  Call Osky Blue at 866-675-9411 for more information and a free SEO check-up report. The comprehensive 17-page report will show how your website ranks in social media, online directories, search engines, Google + Local and on and off-site SEO analysis.


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