Medical Group Sees Increased Social Media Traffic with Osky Blue

Medical Group Sees Increased Social Media Traffic with Osky Blue

By | Published March 26, 2018

Healthcare Marketing on Social Media

At Osky Blue, we understand that each business has its own unique variety of marketing needs and goals. That’s why we offer custom digital marketing plans for our diverse group of clients. In many cases, our team uses a number of platforms and marketing tactics to facilitate successful results. Texas Digestive Disease Consultants is one of our full-service clients that has a wide array of marketing needs. TDDC is a group of gastroenterologists who practice in Texas, Louisiana and beyond. Their brand represents hundreds of doctors at locations throughout the south, so their marketing needs differ significantly from that of a single practice or medical facility. Osky Blue has worked with TDDC to create comprehensive strategies that include website development and support, Google AdWords, content marketing and more.

TDDC’s Social Media Goals

One of the key ways this group of physicians was looking to build their brand and increase user engagement was through social media posting. TDDC’s marketing staff understood the important ‘personal touch’ that social media allows businesses to have with their current or potential patients. They had already established social media profiles for the business, they were just looking for a team who could create high-quality content and maintain a regular posting schedule as part of a larger marketing plan.

Our Solution

Our social media experts knew that an organization as far-reaching as TDDC would need to carefully consider what types of content they posted. We made it a high priority to communicate with the client to establish a tone, posting style and cadence. With general requirements in place, Osky Blue now works with TDDC to establish a posting calendar each month, so that we can cover seasonal topics and special events as they arise.


Since Osky Blue began posting on social media in June of 2017, TDDC has seen increased post engagements through likes, comments and shares. Furthermore, their web analytics shows exactly how much of TDDC’s website traffic originates from their social channels. Overall traffic from social channels is up 53% compared to the nine month period before Osky Blue began managing the client’s organic posts.

Healthcare Social Marketing

We would love to grow your brand and engage your client base through organic posts or paid ads. If you’re interested in social media marketing for your business, contact the experts at Osky Blue. Give us a call today at 866-675-9411.

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