Osky Blue Designs New Website for Energy Industry Influencers

Osky Blue Designs New Website for Energy Industry Influencers

By | Published May 3, 2018

Our design and development team understands the importance of creating websites that look appealing, perform well and portray each client’s brand identity. When Saterra came to Osky Blue in search of a new website in a narrow time-frame, we jumped into action developing a stunning site that would promote Saterra’s environmentally conscious energy solutions.

About Saterra

Saterra uses modern technology to develop eco-friendly solutions for cleaner, greener communities. The company works to heat, cool and power buildings with minimal environmental impact. Saterra provides water and geothermal solutions for residential properties, educational facilities and more. Founders Justin, David and Bryan created Saterra to deliver the very best technologies in the smartest way possible. They are committed to providing clients with the solutions that will best serve their community and help them save money from day one.

Project Goals

With a heavy involvement in B2B relations, Saterra’s brand was already prominent in the energy industry. Rather than create a site that simply explained their business, Saterra was looking to use the platform to showcase their services and selling points during client meetings. The team wanted to reflect their values with a design and layout that was clean, fresh and modern. Most importantly, Saterra needed their new website to launch in a matter of weeks so that it would be ready to use during meetings and networking events.

Our Solution

The Osky Blue team needed to work quickly and effectively to produce a brand new site before Saterra’s fast-approaching deadline. Our graphic design and content specialists worked simultaneously to build a design and populate it with relevant information. We also worked with the client to find stunning imagery of nature and eco-friendly communities that would reflect Saterra’s values and goals. The site’s homepage clearly explains Saterra’s brand and offer user-friendly navigation throughout the site thanks to a sticky drop-down menu and responsive icons throughout the page. Visitors to the site can quickly learn what industries Saterra serves and how they customize their solutions for each and every client. Osky Blue worked with Saterra to get the website approved and launched on time, and the client was pleased with the appearance and functionality of their new site, which they can now display to their colleagues and business partners.

If you’re looking to create or update your online presence, Osky Blue would love to work with you. Our team is dedicated to producing exemplary results that align with your goals and timeline. For more information about our web design and digital marketing services, contact us today 866-675-9411.

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