Multifamily Acquisition Advisors Celebrates New Osky Blue Website

Multifamily Acquisition Advisors Celebrates New Osky Blue Website

By | Published October 15, 2020

Christopher Thomson, Managing Principal of Multifamily Acquisition Advisors, knows the multifamily real estate market front to back.  It is hard to believe, but sometimes that’s a digital marketing problem. When MAA came to Osky Blue looking to upgrade their website, they faced a challenge familiar to many businesses: converting a high level of expertise and a wealth of information into a concise, user-friendly website. We worked closely with Chris to develop a website that puts his considerable experience front and center without drowning the reader in the information.

Who is MAA?

MAA is a company that invests in multifamily properties (apartments, condos, student housing), makes strategic upgrades in terms of renovations, and then repositions the properties in the market. They also manage this process, so they’re not just the money; they’re also the management company. The money usually comes from multiple investors that Chris brings together for the acquisition.

Our main goal with this site was to let it serve as a brochure for future investors. The new site would give potential investors information on MAA’s portfolio and strategies. We also wanted to make sure that Chris’s experience and expertise were on full display, as Chris is the company’s face!

Due to the rather complex nature of MAA’s industry, a key objective of ours was to make sure every single page was as easy to understand as possible. To do that, we made sure every page included a graphic or image that sufficiently reinforces the text elements.

Chris also requested some cool features that we know set his site apart. We included a stock ticker at the bottom of all pages to make any potential information investors need readily available. Every page includes collapsable/expandible sections so that every page is clean and uncluttered. Since MAA invests in multifamily properties, it is essential to visually showcase these properties. To do that, we created a very sleek, attractive transaction gallery. Investors can use this gallery to see the types of properties that MAA pursues.

Osky Blue’s team can help your business or organization update its website or create a brand new one as well. We specialize in local businesses, hospitality, franchises, and other verticals. We have a team of digital marketing professionals who provide expert knowledge on everything from design, technical developmentSEOPPCsocial mediaemail marketingweb analytics, and much more. Let our team of website developers, designers, and digital marketers create the perfect website for your brand. Contact us online or give us a call at (866) 675-9411 today to learn more.

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