New Website for Outdoor Lighting Company

New Website for Outdoor Lighting Company

By | Published July 23, 2018

“Exceeding customer’s expectations in North Texas since 2010.”

That is the mantra of Metroplex Landscape Lighting and Osky Blue hopes to have exceeded their expectations when it comes to the new Metroplex Landscape Lighting website. Osky Blue was tasked with creating an up-to-date website that reflected the work done by the company and revamping the layout to be more user-friendly was the ultimate goal.

On the main page, there is a numbered step-by-step process for prospective clients who are interested in purchasing any one of the products and services offered on the site. As that prospect navigates through each of the service subpages, they will get a detailed description of each lighting packages, and photo examples of each light.

Imagery is everything, and it was essential to the client that photo examples could be seen throughout the website. Whether it was clear examples of the products or pictures of homes that are currently using the lighting, Metroplex Landscape Lighting wanted to make sure that every page on the site also had the right image showcased.

Referrals are a vital component of the Metroplex Landscape Lighting business, so Osky Blue made sure to give the testimonial page extra special attention. In addition to text comments submitted by satisfied customers, a video section was embedded on the page which allowed a company representative to express his gratitude for one particular five-star review.

Outdoor lighting is a property enhancement that many homeowners don’t fully appreciate until after they see examples and because of the vivid visuals and easy navigation presented by Osky Blue on the Metroplex Landscape Lighting website, there will be more homes and communities interested in illuminating their walkways and community paths.

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