Making it Easier for Everyone to Go Solar

Making it Easier for Everyone to Go Solar

By | Published July 5, 2018

Based out of Frisco, Texas, the professionals at My Solar Concierge have extensive backgrounds in real estate, financing and home appraisals in addition to specific expertise in renewable energy and sustainable building design. This client recently came to Osky Blue to start the process of building a full online presence and the goal of connecting the consumer to the best solar providers in the area. They also wanted to be sure that site visitors had access to experts who could answer their questions openly and honestly.

website design for solar energy company

Osky Blue’s plan for the My Solar Concierge website was to create an online environment that was easy to navigate and informative but didn’t overwhelm consumers and real estate professionals who were new to solar energy. To accomplish that, call-to-action buttons were prominently placed on every page to allow the visitor to request more information about the service or product at any moment during the time spent on the site.

Let the Sunlight Power You

Solar panels draw energy from the sun, so Osky Blue’s design for the website focused on drawing site visitors into the bright images and clean layout. Throughout the website, information was showcased using vertical or horizontal “panels” which was intentionally done to replicate the imagery of the same solar panels My Solar Concierge helps prospective clients purchase. In addition, a landing page for My Solar Concierge’s sister organization, Wellth & Wisdom, was added to the site to encourage cross-promotion of both organizations.

Very few homeowners understand the benefits of solar power let along grasp the concept of having a company “personally shop” for their energy needs. Because of this, a user-friendly layout and buttoned-up navigation were critical design elements for the site. Osky Blue was able to fulfill these needs by building a site that raises product/service awareness while still showcasing the My Solar Concierge brand. The website project overall included sitemap development, content editing, a complete SEO optimization, a full Google Analytics and Tag Manager installation for tracking and a customized design.

Osky Blue’s team can help your business or organization update it’s website or create a brand new one as well. We specialize in local businesses, hospitality, franchises and other verticals and have a team of digital marketing professionals who can provide expert knowledge on everything from design, technical development, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, web analytics and much more. Let our team of website developers, designers and digital marketers create the perfect website for your brand. Contact us online or give us a call today to learn more (866) 675 – 9411.

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