Online Marketing In McKinney, TX: Traditional Or Online Marketing?

Online Marketing In McKinney, TX: Traditional Or Online Marketing?

By | Published November 16, 2015

Promoting your business through online marketing in McKinney, TX may seem like a no-brainer if you’re even a little bit savvy about the internet, but is it really the way to go for your business?  While traditional marketing, the kind that uses newspaper ads, flyers and phone calls, has taken a backseat to online marketing in McKinney, TX, it may be a good idea to compare the two methods before you decide how you want to get your business noticed by your potential customers.

▪ Methods
Traditional marketing includes the use of print media (newspaper and magazine ads, brochures and other printed material), broadcast media (television and radio ads), direct mail (flyers, postcards and catalogs) and telemarketing.  Online marketing includes the use of websites, social networking outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more), banner ads, Google ads, content marketing and video marketing.

▪ Cost
Cost is a vitally important factor in marketing a business, especially a small business.  Anyone who knows anything about marketing will concede that online marketing in McKinney, TX costs significantly less than traditional marketing.  Paying for direct mailings, print ads and ads for television or radio can cost in the thousands of dollars, while online marketing can be accomplished for very little money or even for free.  Free ads on Google Local or Bing Places For Business or networking on social media websites can generate more leads and reach more people than even the most expensive traditional marketing strategies.

▪ Targeting
You know the kinds of customers you want to target with your marketing.  If your product or service is geared toward an older customer base, traditional marketing may be more effective.  Baby Boomers and older generations of consumers aren’t as connected to the internet as younger consumers, and they are more likely to want the kind of marketing they’re accustomed to: paper catalogs, mailings and TV ads.  If your target audience is under 40, online marketing is the best, most effective way to reach them.  Younger consumers spend much of their day glued to their computers, tablets and smartphones, and at least part of that time is spent shopping online.  If your product or service is meant to reach consumers of every age, you can pick and choose elements of both types of marketing to decide what works for your business and your budget.

▪ Results
With traditional marketing, it may take weeks or months to find out if your strategies are working, and you’ll likely never know how many people changed the channel when your TV ad came on or how many people read your ad in the newspaper.  With online marketing, you can get real-time results that let you track how many people have visited your website, how many people have read your blog, and how well you’re engaging with your customers on social media so that you can quickly change or fine-tune your marketing campaign.

Osky Blue Can Help With Your Online Marketing in McKinney, TX

Traditional marketing, in some form, will never go away; but the fact is that online marketing simply reaches more people and it reaches them faster than traditional marketing will ever be able to.  To find out more about online marketing in McKinney, TX, call Osky Blue at (866) 675-9411 or visit us online at

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