Osky Blue Web Designer in Frisco TX Introduces Competitive Edge Realty

Osky Blue Web Designer in Frisco TX Introduces Competitive Edge Realty

By | Published February 16, 2016

Web Designer In Frisco TXAs a web designer in Frisco TX, Osky Blue helps small businesses reach new customers by optimizing their websites and social media pages. We’re happy to announce that Competitive Edge Realty in Carrollton, TX is one of our newest clients. Competitive Edge offers homes for sale and rent in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Competitive Edge is managed by Mal Smith, a broker with over 30 years experience in residential home sales and staffed by friendly, licensed realtors, a combination that gives its customers personalized, attentive service.

Web Designer in Frisco TX: Complete, Up-To-Date Content Turns Visitors into Clients

Updated listings with accurate descriptions and beautiful color photos of homes for sale, are necessary for a small realtor to attract a constant influx of new clients. The design team at Osky Blue included a slideshow of gorgeous home photos on Competitive Edge Realty’s home page, plus photos highlighting other homes for sale or rent.

Staff bios are important, and we’ve highlighted them on the Competitive Edge site on a “Meet Our Team” page. Prospective clients will immediately get a sense of each realtor’s experience and personality. Clients want to know something about the agents they’ll work with to buy a home. A concise bio with photo attracts prospects.

Competitive Edge Realty’s website content includes information about brokerage services, the Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice and other information pertinent to home buying. Osky Blue created a page with information and contact details for Competitive Edge Realtors’ partners – mortgage lenders, insurance, title companies, and home inspectors. Having this information in one place makes it much easier for prospective clients to finalize their home buying plans. People naturally gravitate to websites with complete information because it creates trust. A sparse or neglected website can send visitors clicking away to their next option. We also included a built-in blog and  customized content management for easy DIY updates, and designed the site to be compatible with tablets and other portable devices.

Web Designer in Frisco TX: Targeted Social Media

We set up Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages to increase Competitive Edge’s web presence. You never know where people will find your business online. Some may discover your company via your website first, while others will discover it through social media. While it’s necessary to include social media pages to reach more clients, focusing on a handful of targeted social media platforms is actually better than including all platforms.

Check out the Competitive Edge Realty website to learn more. See firsthand how Osky Blue web designer in Frisco TX optimized the site for the best SEO and customer responsiveness. Call us today at 866-675-9411 for a free SEO report, and learn how we can boost traffic to your website.

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