Web Design Company Mckinney TX: Announcing Frisco Square Dental

Web Design Company Mckinney TX: Announcing Frisco Square Dental

By | Published February 19, 2016

Web Design Company McKinney TXOsky Blue web design company Mckinney TX has worked with many medical and dental offices, and we’re proud to announce the addition of Frisco Square Dental to our client portfolio. Frisco Square Dental offers a wide variety of dental services, including crowns, composites, cleanings, X-rays, tooth replacements, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and periodontal therapy. Frisco Square Dental opened in 2004 and has a caring, experienced staff.

Web Design Company Mckinney TX: Dental Office Branding

All dental practices have the same basic goal – to keep patients’ teeth clean and healthy. However, one dentist may specialize in orthodontics while another may specialize in whitening and veneers. Because of this, it’s important to identify a dental office’s patient demographics, services, and goals before designing the website. Frisco Square Dental provides quality family dental care, with an emphasis on specialized dental care for seniors, including Medicare patients. To promote this, Osky Blue included headlines, content and graphics indicating the practice’s focus on senior dental needs throughout the site. We also added a testimonials page and staff page to give new patients as much information as possible about the practice.

The Osky Blue staff created social media pages for Frisco Square Dental to give prospective patients many ways to find the practice online. People looking for a new dentist will choose the first dental office with an informative, attractive website or social media page. It’s imperative that a dental office has an up-to-date website and social media pages to attract potential patients and keep current patients well informed.

Web Design Mckinney TX: Specialized Content for Dental Offices

Dental and medical office websites benefit from simple, straightforward design. People visiting a dental office website need to know the office hours, insurance plans accepted, address and other information quickly. We designed the Frisco Square Dental site with this in mind and added icons to the office’s Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube pages on each website page.

Our web design staff included an insurance plan page with a list of plans accepted by Frisco Square Dental, along with a separate page addressing the needs of Medicare dental patients. All pages were designed to be easily read on a desktop, mobile or tablet, and written with strategic keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

Web Designer Mckinney TX: Why Contact Forms are Important

You may have noticed that many medical or dental office websites contain a contact form and “schedule an appointment” form in addition to or instead of an email address. It looks classy and is easy to find, but that’s not the only reason website designers use it.

Contact forms are user-friendly and they save potential patients time. They simply fill out a form and hit “submit”. They won’t need to copy and paste your office email address, open and write a new email. Many people are too busy (or too impatient) to copy an email address and compose an email, or they’ll save it for later and forget about it. “Schedule an appointment” forms, along with online new patient forms, make it easy for people to fill in information quickly.

Check out the Frisco Square Dental website (http://www.friscosquaredental.com) to see firsthand how Osky Blue website design in Mckinney TX can maximize a small business’s online presence. Call us today at 866-675-9411 for a consultation.

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