Osky Blue Website Developers Called Upon to Make FACTcases Website

Osky Blue Website Developers Called Upon to Make FACTcases Website

By | Published December 4, 2016

Website Developers McKinney TXMost people won’t leave home without their cell phones. In fact, these devices have become the hottest accessory lately. That said, it makes sense to want a customized phone case that not only protects the phone but reflects your personal style, as well. This is exactly why FACTcases created unique and artistic cases that keep your phone looking fabulous, while also offering some of the best protection available. To bring their product to the masses, they turned to website developers Osky Blue in McKinney, TX, to create a website that is just as exciting as their cell phone cases.

FACTcases Can Make Your Cell Phone Truly Spectacular

You add your own personal style to just about everything in your life: your vehicle, your home, your wardrobe. So why not do the same for your cell phone case? FACTcases recognized this need and created a customizable cell phone case that allows users to display their own personal sense of style while protecting their phones at the same time.

What sets this company apart from other phone case manufacturers is they allow their customers to have complete control over the customization process. Almost every element of the cases, including the design, material, color, hardware, finish and pattern, are selected by the customer. After the design is chosen, the company then makes the customer their one-of-a-kind case, using the best material, equipment and expertise available.

FACTcases is the brainchild of CAD/CAM specialist Trey Burns. He came up with FACTcases when he couldn’t find a case he loved for his own phone. Drawing upon his 20 years of machining experience, Burns created the company that is now ready to launch after two years of prototyping and testing.

Osky Blue Website Developers Help to Elevate the FACTcases Site

When FACTcases realized the need for a website that could reach the audience it desired while displaying its merchandise in the best way possible, it turned to the experts at Osky Blue. Their website developers were able to determine what would best suit the cell phone case company’s needs and then implemented it with an easy-to-use and attractive website.

Osky Blue created a website that features high-quality graphics, SEO-enriched content and tools that allow for easy navigation on the site. Osky Blue also provided a link that allows customers to contribute to the FACTcases Kickstarter campaign.

To check out the FACTcases website, visit factorycases.net. To see the Osky Blue portfolio and find out what kind of website we can build for your company, visit oskyblue.com or call 866-675-9411.

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