Osky Web Design Frisco TX: Presenting Digital Imaging Consultants

Osky Web Design Frisco TX: Presenting Digital Imaging Consultants

By | Published March 2, 2016

Web Design Frisco TXOsky Blue web design Frisco TX helps small businesses stand out from the crowd. We know you’re anxious to boost your online presence, and we offer digital marketing strategies suitable for all industries. One of our latest clients, Digital Imaging Consultants, offers online continuing education courses for practicing radiographers and radiography students.

Osky Blue Web Design Frisco TX: Adapting a Website for Online Education

The Digital Imaging Consultants site includes resources for instructors, a login page, and an e-shopping cart to pay for courses. We at Osky Blue designed the home page to highlight the online educator’s selling points for students with captioned photos and descriptions of a few courses, complete with cost. We also featured an educator bio and testimonials from students.

Every course description on the website clicks through to a full page with course objectives and more information, along with an enrollment button. The safe, secure e-store and checkout pages give the customer several payment choices, including credit card and Paypal.

Osky Blue Frisco TX Web Design: SEO, E- Commerce and More

Like all the other websites designed by the Osky Blue team, the Digital Imaging Consultants site is optimized for better search results. We use keywords, meta tags and page titles to broaden the site’s online presence. This good SEO boosts page rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo page, attracting more site visitors.

Our staff added analytics to the client’s built-in SEO tools. This helps administrators see who is visiting the site, where they’re from, and how they found it. Analytics let site owners and designers tweak the site to attract their target market.

Other Osky Blue Services – Video Marketing, Google Local, Blogging and Social Media

Social media is part of the online presence for most businesses, and we set up Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter pages with custom backgrounds, and update them with SEO-friendly, targeted posts. We’ll optimize your social media accounts to drive traffic to your website and e-store.

We tailor each website to our client’s needs. Some clients need the complete package – web design, SEO, blogging, social media and all the online marketing tools available to them. Others only need a few services. With each client, we discuss our services and design a digital marketing strategy that will work for them specifically.

If you want to increase your website views and sales, call Osky Blue web design Frisco TX at 866-675-9411. We’ll be happy to discuss potential digital marketing plans with you and help you attract more customers and more sales. You can check out reviews from satisfied customers here.

Osky Blue | Web Design Frisco TX | (866) 675-9411

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