How Pay Per Click Dallas TX Helps Your Business

How Pay Per Click Dallas TX Helps Your Business

By | Published December 19, 2013

Pay per ClickAdvertising on search engines is a popular method of driving new customers to your website. Google AdWords, the best-known type of search engine advertising, consists of text ads placed on Google’s search engine pages. A business bids on a keyword related to their product or service. An ad featuring the company’s keyword may then appear at the top of the Google search results page. When someone searches for a keyword, a few text ads appear at the top or to the side of the first Google search engine page. Some people click on these links and arrive on your home page. When visitors click your ad, it sends them to your website, and you pay a small fee to the other search engine. If the PPC (pay per click) campaign results in many new sales, the cost of each click takes just a tiny slice of profits.

You purchase ads by bidding in an auction with other advertisers. If you bid more money per click you have a good chance of ranking number one in the PPC ads, but that’s not guaranteed. Your quality score, which is based on efficient keyword grouping, affects your placement on the Google AdWords page.

An internet marketing firm specializing in Pay Per Click Dallas TX, has the expertise to create a PPC campaign to attract more visitors to your site. After researching the most common keywords for your business, the internet marketing rep determines the most relevant keywords for your campaign and places them in small groups likely to attract consumers.

Your Pay Per Click Dallas TX rep gathers information from several sources to determine the best keywords for your campaign. The web analytics feature on your website indicates what search terms people use to find your site, where they are and how they travel or click-through while on your site. This helps the rep write a targeted Google AdWords campaign. Your ad’s relevance to your landing page, keywords and the click-through-rate of your ad all count toward the quality score that ultimately determines your ad’s placement on Google. A PPC campaign boosts your profile on the web without the expense and clutter of banner ads, and is less intrusive. Everyone uses Google search, so there’s a good chance visitors will click through to your site if you have a well-written ad.

Our Pay Per Click Dallas TX experts at Osky Blue will research your web statistics and come up with a PPC campaign to increase click-throughs to your site. Increased visits lead to increased sales and higher profits. The cost of pay-per click advertising is quite small compared to the returns you’ll get from a well-researched text ad. Give us a call at (866) 675-9411 to find out more about pay-per-click and how it can increase local search –and sales- for your business.

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