Pay Per Click Frisco Tx: Increase Your Website Traffic

Pay Per Click Frisco Tx: Increase Your Website Traffic

By | Published February 24, 2016

Pay Per Click Frisco TXIn a pay per click campaign, a business pays Google a certain amount of money to place text ads for their site at the top and right side of organic search listings. The price is dependent upon what the company bids; there’s no set amount. When a visitor clicks on your ad, you pay Google the CPC (cost per click) amount until your ad budget is gone. This form of marketing proves useful for many companies. If one click on a text ad costs a few dollars and results in a $1,000 sale, it’s well worth the price!

Pay Per Click Frisco TX: Google AdWords and PPC

Google Adwords is the most popular pay per click system in use today. If a business wins a bidding contest for a particular keyword, their ad is placed on the Google search results page with other winning bidders. Ads are chosen on the basis of keyword and text quality, along with the size of the bid.

The ad rank of an advertiser is determined by two factors: the quality score and the cost-per-click bid. The CPC bid is the highest amount a business is willing to spend on an ad, and the quality score is determined by the click-through rate, landing page appeal and relevance. This allows companies to reach customers at an affordable cost.

Google helps winning bidders get a large number of impressions and clicks on their text ads. If you want to make the most of a PPC campaign, you’ll need to spend time selecting an effective ad group for Google.

PPC Frisco TX: How to Create a Successful Ad Group

 To get started with PPC advertising, You’ll create a PPC account to fashion an ad campaign using ad groups. Your ad group consists of keywords to attract your target audience; text ads using those keywords and high-quality landing pages. A well-structured landing page is important. If visitors click through to your website from your PPC ad and find your landing page too confusing or boring, they may not stick around long enough to buy your product. Be sure your landing page design, content and sales message are targeted clearly to your demographic. When working with ad groups, make sure you know who your PPC ad is trying to attract – young Moms, college students, seniors? Your keywords and ad wording will be different depending on your target audience.

At Osky Blue, our team can help you with pay per click Frisco TX. We help you craft text ads, keyword groups and landing pages to attract new potential customers to your business website. Give us a call at 866-675-9411 to learn more about PPC campaigns and our other online marketing services.

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