Pay Per Click Frisco TX: Search Engine Advertising That Works

Pay Per Click Frisco TX: Search Engine Advertising That Works

By | Published March 22, 2016

Pay Per Click Frisco TXDid you know that a 300% ROI (return on investment) is possible with pay per click Frisco TX advertising? Pay per click is a relatively inexpensive form of online marketing, and it works well for online retailers and brand advertisers, though it gets results for most types of businesses. PPC is a form of advertising in which advertisers bid on placement in a search engine’s paid links. These text links contain keywords potential customers search for, and the company with the winning bid gets preferred placement on the top or side of the Google search results page. Bing, Yahoo and other search engines offer PPC advertising, too.

Pay Per Click Frisco TX : Brand Advertising and the Customer

If you want to market your brand to achieve a certain image with a targeted audience, pay-per-click helps you do that without spending a lot of money. Every time a web visitor clicks a PPC ad, the winning bidder pays the search engine a small amount of money. The web surfer is directed to the business’ landing page.  Although most web visitors won’t click on the link, they will see it, and many will remember the company name, keyword or message. Share of voice (SOV) is a way to measure advertising presence and strength for a particular brand or product.

Pay Per Click Frisco TX : The Google AdWord Formula

Google AdWords, the most used PPC platform, lets businesses write ads that appear on the search engine’s results pages. When someone initiates a search for keywords – for example, “lawn mowers in Dallas, Texas”, Google chooses winning ads to appear on the search results page. The ads are chosen for their relevance to the keywords, writing quality and the size of the company’s bid.

The ads appearing on the search results page are chosen according to Ad Rank.  This is determined by multiplying the Quality Score (ad relevance, landing page quality and click-through rate) by the CPC bid (the most a bidder is willing to spend).

When used in conjunction with quality SEO content, a steady social media presence, Google + local services and other types of online marketing, PPC can raise your website visits and sales to a whole new level.

Call Osky Blue at 866-675-9411 to learn more about pay per click Frisco TX.  This low-cost form of online advertising can pay off with the proper keyword choices, ad text and bid. The PPC team at Osky Blue can help you to leverage this highly effective marketing tour. Call us today!

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